There has been a lot of speculation about what may or may not happen during Season 6 of "American Horror Story." The FX hit has been very secretive in the sixth season about who has signed on as well as what theme the anthology series might revolve around in the newest season.

From 'Bates Motel' to 'American Horror Story'?

As fans try to figure out what is going on behind the scenes while "American Horror Story" is filming, there has been some speculation that Vera Farmiga might be making the jump over to the FX hit.

After all, her little sister Taissia Farmiga made a name for herself on the series and most fans already know Vera from her role as Norma Bates on "Bates Motel."Now that (spoiler alert) Norma has been killed off from "Bates," it seems that Vera Farmiga is looking to take on some new projects. Could "AHS" be one of them?

So far, news that Vera Farmiga is coming to "AHS" is still in the speculation stages. As with many other aspects of Season 6 thus far, the rumor of Farmiga's casting is still not confirmed.

However, it's a pretty safe guess that if Vera wants in, Ryan Murphy would very likely make a place for her.

As badly as "American Horror Story" fans want Taissia Farmiga back on set, it would be pretty neat if she ended up working with her sister on the next installment of the series. In addition to her role on "Bates Motel," Vera Farmiga is the star of the "Conjuring" movies, which have certainly scared the daylights out of a lot of horror movie junkies.

More 'AHS' speculation revolves around the theme

As for the theme for Season 6, Ryan Murphy has been hesitant to reveal plans but filming has started so there has to be a script. Murphy did tease that it may revolve around children. There has been speculation that the season could be about an orphanage or maybe even the myth of Slenderman. With the recent release of the first image for Season 6 on social media a few weeks ago, many fans started guessing that maybe this upcoming season will revolve around an antichrist theme instead.

It's only a matter of time before more "American Horror Story" rumors start to get confirmed or proven wrong. Do you think Vera Farmiga is really becoming part of the FX anthology series' cast?

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