What we do know about the mysterious season 6

Some of the big stars from the past 5 seasons are returning forAmerican Horror StorySeason 6. The stars include, Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson, Angela Bassett, MattBomer,Evan Peters, and Denis O'Hare. With a cast like this, there is no way that season 6 will fall short. We are still on the fence with information on who else is going to make a creepy return. Hopefully they will bring back our other favorites.

What do the teasers give us?

The teasers ofAmerican Horror Story season 6 were leaked on Snapchat and YouTube.Fans have been waiting for details for a long time.

The makers have kept things quiet on location and plot but we do know a few details. So far all of the stories have been related in one way or another. But will season 6 be tied to season 1? Let's figure this out, the first teaser shows a murderous baby mobile with knives and hooks. It only gets creepier when the little monster-like baby hand reaches up to grab a knife. Is the baby Michael Langdonthat was born in season 1? We will find out on September 14th. In season 1 Michael became a kid so maybe this could be a flashback of some sort?

But then there is no confirmation of Jessica Lange making a comeback for AHS season 6. But Season 6 is taking place in two different time periods after all so we will find out. But it does make you question if the person getting staples in the head isn't Michael.

Another teasershows a house in the middle of a field with smoke coming from the chimney shaping into the question mark and a six. This is the same type of creepy scene from classic "slasher" movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others.

Could this be the home of a bunch of psychos? Another teaseris of a sunset with a man and a woman, and what looks like a child walking toward the camera in the shadows. All we can see is the outline and the glowing eyes. Are these the people in the house?

There is anotherof a person walking down the stairs and hands grabbing the ankles from between the stairs. Could there be captives or are these the souls that are a slave to the Antichrist some are thinking is the main topic of season 6?

One moreshows a millipede winding its way down the forehead of a young woman as she looks up at the camera. This could also be a clue to the Antichrist.

So that is what we do know as of now. But we will wait with suspense and predictions until September 14th.

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