Alicia Silverstone has landed a role in a new comedy series. Years after filming Clueless, which skyrocketed her notoriety, Silverstone has taken on a part in TV Land's American Woman, a comedy series inspired by Kyle Richards of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On July 25, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed news of Silverstone's latest role, revealing the series would be shot as asingle-camera comedy "set in the 1970s amid the sexual revolution and the rise of feminism."Alicia Silverstone will be seenon the showas Bonnie Nolan, the mother oftwo girls who leaves her husband and begins to venture out into a new world as a single parent.

American Womanis written byJohn Riggi of 30 Rock, who will act as an executive producer on the TV Land series with John Wells ofShameless, Southland and The West Wing. As for KyleRichards, she will serve asaco-executive producer.

'American Woman' was relocated for Alicia Silverstone

While the pilot was scheduled to begin shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, the episodewill now be shifted from the east coast to the west coast where Alicia Silverstone resides. As for the episodes that will likely follow, their shooting location has yet to be revealed.

Kyle Richards announced the new series earlier this year

Prior to Alicia Silverstone being named as one of the stars of American Woman, Richards spoke out about the upcoming project, which will chronicle the lives of herself and her older sister, Kim Richards, as well as her older half-sister, Kathy Hilton, the mother of Paris Hilton."I am extremely excited and proud to be collaborating with such a talented and creative team of John Wells Productions, John Riggi, Warner Bros.

Television and TV Land to bring this story to life," Richardssaid in a press release, via The Wrap.

Richards and her family have been in the spotlight for years and as Silverstone prepares to embark on her scripted role, Richards and her sister, Kim, continue to play a part in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

No word yet on who will be joining Alicia Silverstone in the new series.

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