The Alaskan Bush Peopleoffered up some insight into the wolfpack on Friday night's post-season special. The show, which is deemed as episode 11 and comes after the season 4 finale, is titled Browns Down South. It seems that the Alaskan Bush People found many things that offered quite the culture shock to the wolfpack while away from home and the Discovery Channel thought it was worth exploring in depth.

Culture shock

Billy, Ami and their Brown brood found strange things around every corner when they visited the lower 48 states, which is seen in this footage the Discovery Channel didn't air during the regular season of the Alaskan Bush People."They charge more for water than they do for pop," which was quite the shock for Matt who found the price of water rather "weird" and "not making any sense" while out purchasing drinks for the family.

Kids in a candy store

The amount of food available was overwhelming to the Brown family who think nothing of cooking up worms as a meal when in the bush.Each member of the wolfpack took turns bringing home dinner for the rest of the clan while away on their adventure. When it was Gabe's turn he picked up a dozen doughnuts.

The Brown's were just a bunch of happy campers eating doughnuts at dinnertime. It was too fast-paced in the lower 48 with all that hustle and bustle for the majority of the family.

The traffic seemed to offer up a good deal of angst to all the brood. Before they left for the lower 48, which is what this clan refers to any state in the U.S. besides their own, there was a medical emergency with Matt.

Matt's serious bite and infection

According to TV Ruckus this footage was not seen before this specialAlaskan Bush Peopleepisode on Friday night. Matt was walking along the beach when he pet a stray dog.

This was a bad mistake because the dog bit him. Matt returned home, but never told anyone about his dog encounter. What looked like a small dog bite became infected in a very big way. Matt showed his arm to the camera and he had a red strip going up his arm, which looked like an infection festering.

The pain was excruciating and by the time that he told the family the infection needed to be seen by a doctor and not the nurses that man the clinic in the next town.

He needed to be airlifted to Anchorage and his brother Noah went with him. After he was properly treated with antibiotics, he returned back to Browntown. This happened weeks before they set out for their trip to the lower 48 states, so when it was time to depart for this trip, they were all in fine form.

Junkyard date

Fans of the show will remember that this trip wasn't all about fun and games as along the way their RV offered up problems. This special episode revisited a lot of the episodes, but it offered some footage that fans hadn't seen. You get to see the grown men in thiswolfpackplay a lot more than usual.

You also get to see Matt on a date where he takes a girl to a junkyard and well... she's not impressed. Gabe, Bear and Noah also give the opposite sex a gander in never before seen footage from the matchmaker episode.

Civilization overwhelming

From the smell of pollution to the abundance of food, along with too many cars and people, the Browns' culture shock is seen throughout this special when it highlights their trip. They often seemed a bit too astonished as if they hadn't seen some of the things they happened upon before, like a washing machine. Because the Browns didn't live full-time as Alaskan Bush People for the last 30 years, as new reports have indicated, you know these folks have seen a washing machine.

The show aired Friday night, but it can be seen on Comcast Xfinity On Demand until July 25. If you need an Alaskan Bush People fix, this should do it. The Discovery Channel describes this episode as:

  • "In this special episode, a deeper look into the Brown’s time spent down south. And in never before seen footage brothers Bear and Bam commemorate their time in the Lower 48 in an extreme way."
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