The Discovery Channel airs a new episode of the "Alaskan Bush People," afterMatt makes his way back into the family wolfpackwith his rehabbehind him. Going back to Browntown for a family reunion with the rest of the family is going to take some adjustment for Matt and the family as well.

Matt's dilemma.

The family was supportive of Matt seeking help for his drinking problem on last week's episode and many people have given the Brown's kudos for letting Matt come to his own decision and tell the family when he was ready.

It was very obvious something was up with the oldest son of this wolfpack, but letting Matt find his own way of telling the family and seeking help gives him a better chance at recovery, suggests TV Ruckus.

Struggles for the wolfpack.

As far as the Brown family's struggles, more of them are coming their way, according to the Discovery Channel. The blurb that was released describing future episodes describes the family returning to the bush as spring brings new life to the forest. As the weather breaks, "the Browns struggle with the principles that make them a wolfpack."

This clan living in Southeast Alaska are deemed as "interesting" because they are unlike any other family in America and that description is pretty close to summing up this clan.

They are a close knit bunch, nothing is more important than family to each and everyone of them. They spend a lot of time as a family unit alone, so very few friends and extended family members are seen on a regular basis. The boys seem to be best friends in this wolfpack family. The same goes for the two girls in this large brood. They are sisters and that doubles up into best friends.

They have mastered the English language with a twist all their own and they have an accent that sits somewhere on the scale between a British accent and Texas drawl, as their words are precisely articulated, but sometimes they demonstrate a slow drawl with their punctuation.

The cameras that follow them to make this Discovery Channel show picks up a lot of their daily activities, but for the sake of entertainment, it's probably safe to say that more of the interesting things make it on-air as opposed to the mundane chores this family does.

Grown adults acting like kids.

That would explain why the Brown family's grown kids always seem to be making odd toys for themselves from a barrel ride to a hot tub in an old row boat, they are always tinkering with junk to make something.

Most of their creations seem to be introduced, played with for a few minutes on-air and then they disappear, never to be seen again! It is amazing how many times they refer to each other as a "genius" each time they complete one of these projects. The patriarch of the family seems to get a kick out of all these bizarre things his kids come up with. How long will these grown adults play in the woods and forget about the outside world? Probably as long as the Discovery Channel is willing to follow them!

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