The alleged Alaskan Bush People scheme that have so many believing Ami Brown's mother was used as a pawn to be part of the show has her brother speaking out.

Ami's brother reacts to rumors

It was revealed that Ami Brown's brother, Les Branson, posted press releases to several Facebook fan pages about the upcoming visit their mother, Earlene Branson, intended to make. Since Earlene, 83, is suffering from Alzheimer's after having a stroke in 2012, she wanted to reconnect with Ami as her dying wish. It didn't happen.

Les and Ami's nephew, Charles "Chuck" Gilbert, isrumored to have been part of a social media conspiracy to make it known that Ami's mom wanted to see her. Reports circulated that Ami's brother, Les Branson, was on several Alaskan Bush People Facebook fan pages telling fans about the intended visit, hoping to make the situation a part of the show. He insists that the Discovery Channel had nothing to do with Earlene's visit because it was simply a family matter.

Earlene went on a trip from Dallas to Juneau on June 28 to visit her daughter.

Accompanying her was Gilbert and her other daughter, Jeana Williamson. As fans are aware, Ami and the rest of the Brown family were in Hawaii when her mom showed up. Locals, however, knew she'd be there and threw her a picnic.Les said the locals' enthusiasm for Earlene's visit lifted her spirits, saying that it was "therapeutic and she wanted to make the trip." He sees his mother's attempt at seeing Ami as a "stepping stone" towards them getting back together.

Billy Brown broke promises

There was mounting suspicion that everything was arranged to be part of an Alaskan Bush People storyline, but Les says it was sheer misrepresentation.Les explained that the reason for his mother being separated from Ami all these years had to do with her marriage to Billy Brown. Since Ami was only 15 when she married 26-year-old Billy at the time, she needed parental consent in the state of Texas.

To hear Ami's brother tell it, Billy made an agreement with the family to marry Ami on two conditions; one that she finish school and the second that she not be prevented from seeing her family. Billy went against both conditions plus lied about his age and the fact he was divorced with children.

Alcoholism in the family?

Ami Brown revealed in an Alaskan Bush People preview that she was raised in an alcoholic family.She continued that the alcohol is what "tore my family apart" and that's "the reason why I don’t let them know where, physically I am."In spite of it all, the Bransons say they've tried reaching out consistently to Ami ...

sending cards, letters, and trying reunite with her.Les and Earlene confirm that Ami's father was an alcoholic, but he was hardly around family. Earlene said it was a "house of love" that everyone lived in. Les added that the "family didn’t know Billy had any intentions of going off to Alaska for 36 years."

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