Despite all the controversy surrounding The Alaskan Bush People reality show, a young Brown family actually did move into the Alaskan bush decades ago. The debate has been about the amount of time the Browns have stayed in the wilderness, as the viewers were originally led to believe it was a non-stop lifestyle for these Alaskan Bush People, but out of their 30 years living in the rough, they have had some breaks.

Family in great risk

Billy and Ami Browndid take the kids into the bush, but as TV Ruckus reports, there were times they lived elsewhere.

It wasn't too long after the Browns arrived, which was decades before the DiscoveryChannel made them into a show, Ami and Billy realized it was a big risk bringing their young children into the wilderness. especially because they did not have a sturdy shelter for their brood. The matriarch and patriarch of the brood recently revealed how they realized the danger they put the kids in when the unthinkable happened... they were surrounded by wolves.

The family was hunkered down in the Alaskan bush under a tarp that they had turnedinto a makeshifttent.

Billy and Ami and their children were basically tucked in for the night when the howling started. While the parents knew this could mean danger, the kids thought of it as an adventure and weren't scared a bit. Apparently Billy and Ami did a good job at keeping them feeling safe despite being seriously frightened themselves. Billy describes the sound of the wolves howling and getting closer in the video below:

Surrounded and only under a tarp

The wolves were on each side of the family's lean-to tent and closing in.

It sounded as if the pack had about five or six wolves involved in the howling when Billy very nonchalantly gathered up his two guns and loaded them. He handed one to Ami and he held on to the other. The Alaskan Bush Peoplelooked like goners, at least Ami and Billy thought they did. Still the kids were acting as this was all part of the adventure.

And the moral of the story

Then Billy said the wolves howled again and he could tell they were basically a stone's throw away from the tarp that he had his family under.

He was very concerned because a wolf could drag a child off with just one bite. It was then Billy said that one of the kids, he believes it was Matt, said, "hey, let's howl back." With that the kids howled in unison, like they were their own Wolfpack. Are you getting the moral of the story yet? The story is about to answer the question ... "Why did the Browns start howling and calling themselves a wolfpack?

It kicked in naturally

What happened next was basically nature-made. The kids would howl, the wolves would howl back, the kids would howl again and the wolves answered back. This finally stopped and Ami and Billy said it was as if the wolves realized the family was just another pack.

This is the origin of the family calling themselves a "wolfpack" and the origin of the howling the family breaks into periodically.

Kids didn't have a clue

The kids said that during the time the wolves were nearby howling, they were never afraid, but Billy jumped in and said they were in some real danger. He actually thought they might lose their lives that night. The kids never knew the danger they were in.

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