It looks like the Alaskan Bush Peoplemay haveshed that back woods mentality in lieu of playing the game that has money as the end goal. The Brown family originally came across as a family full of endearing assets, including their very own formulated language with an accent and behavior that appears almost elf-like at times. Sadly, when money is involved even the Alaskan Bush People with their grassroots lifestyle can toss endearing aside for whatever keeps the paycheck coming in, suggests the latest reports today.

Memaw a pawn in PR stunt?

According to The BitBag, fans of the show have some reasons to doubt that the recent Memaw debacle played on the screen as it did in real-life. These people who live in the Alaskan bush are accused of using their fans on Facebook to help market the ill-fated reunion attempt of Ami and her mother. The Brown family and Ami's brother are accused of using the Alaskan Bush People Facebook fan pages to draw sympathy for Ami's mother's trip to Alaska. This attempted reunion was a story that started to bounce around the social media sites at the end of June.

Ami's estranged family not that estranged?

Ami's 83-year-old mother, affectionately known as "Memaw," was coming to Alaska via a trip financed by Ami's great-nephew, Charles Gilbert, and he was to be on hand to document the trip via photos and videos. These would be shared on special "Memaw's Trip"Facebook and YouTube sites. Ami's brother, Les Branson and her great-nephew Gilbert, who orchestrated this trip, belonged to the many Alaskan Bush PeopleFacebook pages promoting this elderly woman's trip.

Branson had reported that Ami's family had not heard from her in over 30 years. The story goes that Ami's mother, Earlene (Memaw's real name), has a wish to see her daughter Ami before dying, so the trip was planned. The woman is not in the best of health after suffering a stroke in 2012 and being diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, so the heartstrings were pulled tight across the social media sites for this elderly woman making such a trek to see her daughter.

Hawaii in lieu of Memaw

Fans of the show know how Memaw's trip to Alaska ended up with the Alaskan Bush Family vacationing in Hawaii just as Earlene arrives in Alaska because they supposedly didn't know that she was coming. One of the locals in Alaska who happened to be one of the members of one of the Alaskan Bush People Facebook pages threw a picnic for Earlene so she wouldn't feel so forgotten. But it was friendly strangers who Memaw spent her time with and not her daughter who she came to see.

This sad story has gained a lot of attention for the Brown family.

It was the stuff going on behind the scenes that got some people digging a little bit. It looks as though Memaw was a pawn in a publicity stunt, according to an investigation by one of the fan's Facebook page administrators.It seems as though the Brown family knew Ami's mother, Memaw, was coming to visit and it looks as though Ami's brother Branson also knew that they would be in Hawaii at the same time. It is also alleged that Ami was not estranged from her family for 30 years and that she and her husband Billy had collaborated with her family to spin this mother-daughter reunion gone bad story into a PR stunt.

Just who was in Hawaii with the 'Alaskan Bush People'?

From one of the Facebook posts by Ami's cousin Gilbert, who financed Memaw's trip, it looked as though he may have been in Hawaii with the Brown family when he was said to be taking Memaw back home from the Alaska trip. The post came down shortly after it appeared.

Are these Bush people a bit more sophisticated than they've let on to be when it comes to the world of finances? As they run around in their Brown Town and take on many child-like projects, you can't help but think this family is in a bizarre world of their own, but are they?

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