Matt Brown of the Alaskan Bush People family is getting a tremendous amount of support and understanding from fans across all social media platforms. In addition to letting Matt know that everyone is hoping that he will return for a new season of the Alaskan Bush People, fans are sending him the best wished in dealing with his challenges with alcohol. Most importantly, though, fans are letting Matt know in their comments that they, too, had to struggle with drinking problems – and that Matt Brown is not alone.

What Matt said about his drinking.

During his interview with People, 33-year-old Matt Brown talked about how he started with a few drinks a few years ago, but as he was spending more time with friends who also liked to drink, he began to drink more and more. Often called “social drinking,” the alcohol didn’t become a problem for his friends, but for him.

When Matt saw the signs written on the wall, he tried to stop drinking. However, before he knew it, he was back to it and alcohol was controlling him rather than him controlling alcohol.

Matt said during his interview that sharing with his family that he had lost control was difficult because his family was proud of him and saw him as the strong man that he really was.

What Matt didn’t say.

In his interview, Matt didn’t talk about being a star on a Reality TV show, not having a girlfriend, a wife, or children at the age of 33. Besides talking about his drinking problem and the tremendous support he received from the other Alaskan Bush People family members, Matt doesn’t say much of anything about his life, his dreams, and his goals.

Alcohol numbs the pain.

Most likely, Matt Brown doesn’t read any of the news reports that call his family’s show “fake.” Unfortunately, Matt also doesn’t read the many comments written by fans who are trying to give the eldest Brown kid the message that he is not alone in this world. Reality star or no reality star, a drinking problem doesn’t discriminate.

Alcohol is part of the human experience, and like everything else in life, it can be a gift and a curse.

When alcohol serves as an addition to a meal (as is custom in European cultures), it is a treasured gift. However, when alcohol starts controlling one’s life, it becomes a problem and a curse.

As to why and when alcohol begins to dominate one’s life, Matt says that it was years ago when he was hanging out with friends. The one lesson that he didn’t learn in the Alaskan bush or anywhere else was that the tendency to escapism or alcoholism can be hereditary.

When Billy Brown, Matt’s dad, arrived in Alaska, he thought he had found paradise after running away from his painful childhood drama. However, whether one deals with emotional pain by running away, overeating, over-shopping, over-joking, over-drinking, over-copulating, or over-indulging in a fantasy world like Game of Thrones, the numbness only lasts for so long and the “spiraling,” as Matt described it, only gets worse.

Will Matt Brown return to the show?

Some critics of Matt’s family show point out that Matt’s drinking problem is a sign that the Brown family children need to be set free in order to find their own lives. However, it is more likely that the Brown kids – like many television stars -- already have their own lives apart from appearing on the show. While learning about life in the Alaskan wilderness is an interesting and exciting theme for viewers, it would be great if Matt Brown would return to the show and he and his fans would have the opportunity to listen to some of his father’s painful stories before Alaskan Bush People came to be.

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