While the reality Television show Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus, the Brown family members finally have the time to share some of their secrets on #Alaskan Bush People.Apparently, Billy, Ami, and the Brown children are taking a break from the seclusion of the Alaskan wilderness in order to share with their fans some of the family’s traditions.Last Friday night’s post-season special already revealed to viewers that the Brown family is no stranger to technology as they are involved in producing the show and help to determine what scenes from the family’s life in the Alaskan bush are aired, and which ones are left out.

When the Brown wolfpack howling tradition began

In his video, Billy Brown looks back 30 years when he and Ami and Matt and Joshua (Bam) first came to the Alaskan wilderness.As TVRuckusreported, Billy and his family lived in the lower 48 states until 1983 when he decided to find his fortune in the Alaskan wilderness. At the time of the family’s arrival in Alaska, Matt Brown was three-years-old and Joshua was just one.

After the Brown family’s arrival in Alaska and during the next 18 months, family life in the wilderness meant living in a trapper shack on an island approximately 50 miles from Wrangell.

When the Brown family eventually found a small property in the Alaskan bush where they were planning to build a house on, they initially had nothing but a tent.

How the family tradition came to life

According to Billy Brown’s story, while sleeping in the tent, he and Ami and the kids could hear the Alaskan wolves howling outside.While Billy doesn’t specify who the kids were, one would assume that it was Matt, Joshua, and Bear since they are now 33, 31, and 28, respectively.

Gabe, Noah, Snowbird, and Rain appear to be too young to have been part of the early beginnings of the wolfpack tradition.

Who started the wolfpack howling?

It is quite noteworthy that Billy Brown says that while the wolves were howling outside of their Alaskan bush tent and everyone was scared, it was Matt who came up with the idea to howl back to the wolves.Billy says that as the wolves were coming closer and closer and he was scared that the wolf pack of about five or six could take any of his kids, Matt Brownsaid, “let’s howl back, guys.”

As Billy says, he wasn’t crazy about Matt’s idea because he was concerned that the howling at the wolves would even draw more attention to his family.However, when all the Brown kids started to howl at the Alaskan wolves, the wolves didn't attack but actually howled back.

As the howling went back and forth between the Brown kids and the wolves, Ami says that it was a sign that they became one with the Alaskan wilderness.According to Ami, the wolves recognized that her family was a wolfpack like they were.

Matt is the Brown family trailblazer

Even though Matt was only a young boy at the time of the encounter with the Alaskan Wolfpack, his instinct of howling back at the wilderness threat is actually quite symbolic.Even as a 33-year-old, the first-born son of the Brown family speaks highly of his people and life in the Alaskan bush. However, Matt is a pioneer not only when it comes to survival in the wilderness but also in civilization.Despite being a viewers’ favorite on #Alaskan Bush People, he has broken away from the reality Television show, went into rehab for his drinking challenges – and shown signs of true courage.

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