"Alaskan Bush People" aired its season finale last Friday. Besides some reruns being shown on Discovery Channel, fans are left without their weekly fix of news from Browntown. The season ended with a lot of questions, as seasons often do. There have been a few new strands of Brown family drama not yet shown on the popular Reality TV show.

Sad and Somber.

At the close of the season, Matt Brown was checking himself into rehab for what appeared to be an alcohol problem. At least that is what it seemed.

There were tears and talk of alcohol dangers. In a post season interview , however, Matt wanted everyone to know he wasn't an alcoholic.

The camera showed Matt somberly walking by the water. Whatever motivated Matt into rehab, if we weren't being played a fool, was not a simple matter. Although apparently Matt was quickly straightened out in time to go to Hawaii with the family. He didn't stick around to see Grandma Earlene when she made her 7,000 mile round trip to Alaska nor did his mom, Ami. She had not seen her mom in several decades.

Social Media Bush Fans.

Those who follow the Brown family from "Alaskan Bush People" usually do so from multiple Facebook groups where they converse with other fans, locals from Hookah, Alaska and several friends and family members of the Brown family who visit these groups periodically for whatever reason. Some "famous" members of these Facebook groups include Billy's daughter Twila, Ami's brother Les and various cousins.

*"Kenny from the dump" and the owners of various local establishments also make appearances in the Facebook groups from time to time. These contacts help the really tuned-in fans stay In-the-know in real time.

Bad Luck With Boats.

So, fans are pretty sure the Browns are coming back for another season, although it is not official yet. What should we expect in the new season? One thing is for sureif we can judge by past seasons, is that they will have issues with boats.

The Browns always have issues with boats and RV's. By the way, Billy's daughter Twila told me that motor home fire really did happen. Although she was not there, Twila said she was told it really happened. Of course, it did, and viewers can't help but wonder what sort of fires and other catastrophes we will see next season on “Alaskan Bush People.”

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