The Alaskan Bush Peopleoffered up a sad scene that consisted ofBilly and Ami Brown sitting on the shore waiting for Josh to return from the ferry with Matt in tow. As the boat comes closer into view, they see there's only one person on board... Josh. There was nothing heard from Matt and Josh said he even checked with the harbor master just in case Matt had left word with him of his whereabouts. Again, there was nothing, not a word. What is really at the root of Matt crumbling like he did when confessing to his brother?

Matt's not on ferry

It is after the episode ends that the audience learns Matt decided to stay and receive more treatment at the rehab. As viewers have seen in the last few episodes of the Alaskan Bush People, Matt was really struggling, but did he leave some hints during his confession to his brother Gabe that something he did was eating at him?

What really happened to Matt?

He told his brother that he had been going to town and getting drunk and he didn't like who he was like that. Did Matt do something that he can't shake and that is eating away at his soul, so much so that he broke down the way he did while talking with Gabe?

His brother did say to Matt, "you're scaring me."

The usual animated and care-free-acting Matt was like a scared child during that scene with his brother. Despite all the accusations going around that some of the Alaskan Bush People scenes are staged, this one looked as genuine as can be. As The Inquisitr suggests today, no one knows if Matt will be coming back to Browntown.

Rehab not a short stay

A mental health counselor working with Matt would most likely want him to stay in rehab treatment as long as he can, so it's no surprise he opted to stay on a little longer.

Is this a healthy lifestyle for Matt, running around the woods and being part of a "wolfpack" with his family? He is a grown man without many goals in life except for the projects he starts and doesn't finish half the time.

Other than his family, there is not a lot of social life for this grown man besides running around the woods yelping like a wolf with the rest of this big Brown brood. It could be that the mental health counselor he is seeing during his treatment suggested he explore his horizons and test out the real- world.

Adults living like kids

The longer that Matt is away, the harder it will probably be for him to come back to this lifestyle that is seemingly going nowhere. While Ami and Billy's dream is to live in the wild and they've raised their kids to adapt to this type of life, it still doesn't mean that it is the best way for all eight of their brood to live.

Bird in dire need of dental work

During the last few episodes incidents came up that only highlighted how much these kids, or grown kids, have missed out on. One of those events was Gabe getting fitted for braces at his age. Then when the camera pans over to Bird, you can't help but notice this pretty young girl is in dire need of dental work.

What about young Rain, is her family leaving her wide open for ridicule as she howls with the family on the screen? If she ever did make it to the real-world, she'd be a laughing stock among her peers.

Is Noah MIT-worthy?

It is perhaps Noah that is missing out on the most opportunities the real-world has to offer. Noah's English gentleman-like manner is entertaining to watch, but it is his mind that might be wasted on building bush washing machines and rigging the boat to play music if it is boarded by intruders. He might be MIT-material, but he will never know.

Instead he will continue building things that no one will ever see once the Discovery Channel cameras go away.

As far as the other family members, they have never gotten the chance to spread their wings and see what potential the world has for them. Instead they are kept together as a wolfpack by very loving parents, but by parentswho have their children following their dream instead of encouraging their children to have dreams of their own.

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