Friday night featured the season finale of the Reality TV series “Alaskan Bush People.” On social media, hundreds of fans are expressing their fears that Friday was not just a season finale but also a series finale. “Was truly upset last night when I thought I was watching the Browns' last show,” shared one fan of the show on Twitter. “I hope and pray Discovery Channel brings the Bush People Back,” wrote another fan on the show's Facebook page.

Reasons for canceling 'Alaskan Bush People.'

Fans do have a valid reason to be concerned about the continuation of the reality TV show. During the past months, the Brown family has been facing legal troubles, faced accusations of living a life in Hawaii instead of Alaska, and has been called “cons” in regard to their true family relationships.

The TV show has been described by critics as predictable and repetitive. The emotional scenes among the Browns are allegedly “painfully manufactured” scenes aimed to tear at viewers’ hearts.

Why the reality TV show should continue.

Whether the Brown family's life is a scripted reality TV show or not, fans make it clear in their comments that they consider the family to be an “inspiration” as to how a family should pull together no matter what. Family members sticking together, a faith in God, a spirit of determination, courage, wit, integrity, morals, and being able to live a life in nature are just some of the values that has viewers coming back.

One of the most heartfelt story lines that fans are looking forward to in season six is Matt’s story.

Matt Brown, the family’s oldest son, is dealing with drinking problems. In a recent interview with People, 33-year-old Matt shared that his challenge with alcohol began when his family’s boat broke down and he spent more time with his friends in nearby Juneau. Since Matt’s six younger siblings do not drink and are “teetotalers,” as he calls them, Matt felt ashamed.

However, as Matt Brown explains it, more than money or fame, his family is about “trust” and he is getting the support he needs.

Which Brown family member are you?

While the return of the Brown family on the Disney Channel is uncertain, worried fans might enjoy an entertaining test provided by Disney.

The questionstake just a few seconds and provide some valuable insights about oneself and what Brown family member one would be. To find the test provided by the Disney Channel, type in “Alaskan Bush People personality test,” in your search engine. Just going through the questions will make you smile -- until the new season (hopefully) returns.

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