The Alaskan Bush People may run through the woods, scoop up worms for making dinner and wash their clothes in a river, but they do possess some other hidden talents recently revealed. These talents might not get them very far in life as far as fame and fortune, but the Brown familymembers are very proud of their odd abilities!

Hey, look at me.

Bear, who seems to make even the most mundane tasks in life an event, starts everything with a grand entrance. He recently shared his hidden talent with the viewers of the Alaskan Bush People via a video.

He did this with the enthusiasm of a rocket scientist about to have his first liftoff, making this demonstration part endearing and part hysterical. As TV Ruckus suggests, even though the season is over, the Alaskan Bush People still offers updates.

So what can Bear do that the rest of us cannot? He is the escape artist out of theAlaskan Bush People. Bear had his sisters tie him up so he could escape. Now mind you the girls used a rope from the boat that was so thick, you probably couldn't make a secure knot with it if you tried, but they tied him up.

With as much fanfare you can provide out in the bush, Bear escapes. In true Bear form he explains his ability step-by-step as if he were in an infomercial. This is a man, who is acting very much like a child, while showing his excitement over his God-given talent. Once he is completely out of the rope he jumps up with his arms spread apart in a finale that would outshine Houdini!

Wash the bush right into your hair.

Bear also has another talent that not too many are aware of, which is his special recipe for "bush shampoo." Again, Bear explains his concoction in front of the cameras while running around the woods collecting the ingredients for his shampoo. From shaking pollen out of the trees to squeezing goo out of seaweed, Bear offers even more fanfare before cracking a few eggs into his concoction.

Now that he has this together in a big bowl it looks like an uncooked omelet with dirt and leaves floating in it. Such a big bowl should offer up enough shampoo for the whole family for the next few months, or at least that is what you find yourself thinking when looking at the gook.

That's not the case as Bear goes down to the river and attempts to pour the entire bowl over his head. A good majorityof this shampoosmisses his hair and just falls into the water. When he's done he jumps up, while demonstrating just a little more fanfare, before he closes out his infomercial-likebushevent!

Picasso of the bush.

Enough of Bear's talent, there's another talented brother in the bush and that is Bam. This very quiet and reserved brother, compared to his somewhat flamboyant siblings, prides himself as an artist. His canvas and tools are all found naturally in the bush. Bam uses pieces of burnt wood for his charcoal pencil and his canvas is a tree stump, or any other surface available in the bush like a rock.

Bam draws a wolf for the camera and he fancies himself a half-way decent artist if he does say so himself. That is one thing that isn't lacking among the Brown brood... self confidence.

They have plenty of it! As Bam draws the wolf, he too explains his work step-by-step. as his brother Bear did while making shampoo.

Bam claims that art is like flowers, they don't last long and neither does his art, as the next rain storm will wash it away. The two Brown girls shared their talent of strumming on a guitar and singing. They introduced their talent by saying that it is a little known fact that the Browns are very musical.

If I do say so myself.

Once they start their singing and strumming you might think that statement was a bit of a stretch, but again... these grown kids have somewhat inflated egos at times, probably stemming from Billy and Ami's constant praising of their kids.

Hey, better an inflated ego than having very little self esteem! There's plenty more talent left untapped with the Alaskan Bush People in any up and coming seasons they may have!

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