Joe Perry, 65, was rushed to the hospital earlier this even after collapsing onstage while performing with the Hollywood Vampires in New York. The Aerosmith lead guitarists was playing a show along side of pals Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper when he suddenly fell ill and began staggering onstage before bracing himself against the drum set looking dazed.

Joe Perry passes out.

Joe Perry was backstage backstage during the Hollywood Vampires show when he passed out. It was reported that Joe made it backstage, where the rocker collapsed, losing consciousness before being revived by paramedics who arrived on the scene.

Perry was transported to a nearby hospital around 9:30p.m. Alice Cooper updated fans in the crowd asking then to please chant "get well Joe."

Unconfirmed reports of cardiac arrest.

Reports, however, not officially confirmed at this time reveal it is believed that Joe Perry may have gone into cardiac arrest at the Coney Island Boardwalk show. Joe's struggles were caught on video by a fan in attendance which reveals Perry taking ill mid-performance. Updated reports at this time claim that Perry was evaluated in the emergency room at Coney Island Hospital where he was listed in stable condition before being transferred to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for unspecified health reasons.

Developing story.

This story continues to develop. At this time no official statements have been released from Joe Perry's reps regarding the rocker's current medical condition. Perry's sudden ill-health comes just days after Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler announced that Aerosmith would be embarking on the band's last world farewell tour before retiring.

However, the statement released by Tyler led to conflicting reports on the band's future, with Perry stating that Tyler's announcement was the first he had heard regarding Aerosmith's touring or retirement. This is not the first time these two rockers have publicly disagreed concerning the band Aerosmith.

The future of 'Aerosmith'.

Tyler is currently testing the country music musical waters, while Joe has been busy performing with his sideband the Hollywood Vampires. As to what the future holds for Aerosmith, at this point who knows? It is up in the air for the time being. Let us just hope that this sudden illness for Joe Perry does not force the 65-year-old rocker into early retirement.

Get well soon Joe Perry, our prayers and well wishes are with you.

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