Adele was on holiday in the luxurious residence of Soho Farmhouse when she suddenly at 11pm craved her favourite pizza, only to fall asleep before it arrives. The ‘Hello’ singer was enjoying time away at the very posh Soho Farmhouse which is in Oxfordshire, England, when she had the urge, proving to have a very diva moment the singer asked the hotel staff to travel to London to get her her favorite pizza.

Adele turns down hotel’s homemade pizza and insists on one from London

The pizza-place was 70 miles away from where she was staying and is based in Kensington, London. Apparently the chefs where she was staying said that they were more than happy to cook her a pizza in their fabulous kitchen but the singer insisted in having the one from London, “She was told that they had the best ovens.

But she insisted that staff fetch the pizza from her local company.” It took a total of 4 hours for the staff to arrive back with her pizza, returning at 3am to find Adele asleep.

The 28-year-old singer apparently didn’t even eat the pizza, a source close to Adele said “it was still in the box when the maid came next morning.”

The powerful female singer was taking a vacation at the luxurious Cotswolds venue with her partner Simon Konecki and their son Angelo.

Adele has been on strict diet and cuts out sugar in her tea

Aside from her occasional craving for pizza the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ singer has lost lots of weight following her pregnancy, she reveals that she has been on strict regimes but that she does not enjoy exercising and hates looking in the mirror.

The singer commented saying “I’m not like skipping to the f*****g gym. I don’t enjoy it. I do like doing weights. I don’t like looking in the mirror.

One of the things that has helped Adele to shed the weight is changing her tea drinking habits, being British she constantly drinks tea and has said before that she has around 10 cups a day.

To help her diet she has stopped taking sugar in her tea, she used to have two teaspoons of sugar in each cup, which, when you drink that much tea amounts to a huge sugar consumption.

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