Adele,the 28-year-old British megastar, during her St. Paul, Minnesota, performance, mistakenly made an announcement that she would go on a tour Down Under. However, she backtracked this announcement quickly afterward.

Her plan to have an Australian tour in 2017

The Skyfall singer has multiple Grammy awards and record-breaking albums, but has never toured Australia. And this could be changed as the English songwriter made a casual announcement this week while performing in Minnesota. Adele discovered that there was an Australian woman who traveled just to see her. She said to the Australian woman who was in the crowd that she is now planning an Australian tour in 2017.

She even asked for her information and invited her to come then.

Adele backtracks her announcement

However, when the UK megastar seemed to realize that she spilled the beans too early, she quickly added that "well, if the tour happens." Also,Adelerevealed that she always announces things that she's not supposed to.In line with this, if an Australian tour in 2017 would happen, she has a bit of a problem because she wants to be in London when her son Angelo starts going to school. Hence, this would delay her availability to have a tour.Therefore, her fans should not expect for her to head Down Under until after the month of November. Another reason is because of her other commitments in the U.S.

Adele shows scheduled

Adele was already scheduled to end her tour in Mexico, which is on November 16. However, there were no dates announced that she was scheduled to have a performance in 2017.During this current tour, she made stops in all major cities, which includes six nights at Lost Angele's Staples Center, six nights at New York's Madison Square Garden, and four nights at Toronto's Air Canada Centre.

Meanwhile, Australian promoters were locked in a fierce bidding war with the possible extension of the singer's tour to next year. Reportedly, the Australian leg would likely be next year, and the Set Fire to the Rain singer would be expected to play stadiums to cope with the expected demand of her fans.

Adele Grammy awards and records

The British performer sold over 1.7 million copies of her three albums Down Under alone. Adelehad suggested this tour for her 25 album, which was said to be her last for a long time. Her previous tour was unexpectedly cut short because of her vocal problems that resulted in surgery.

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