AC/DC fans were hit with more heartbreaking news. It was just announced on Thursday, July 7th that the band will be losing yet another member in the near future. Cliff Williams, the band's bassist, has announced he will be leaving the group to retire following the band's current tour "Rock or Bust." This will end Williams' 40-year run with the band.

The future of AC/DC is unknown at this time

This news comes just after the band and fans adjusted to losing longtime band members, Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd, and Brian Johnson who have all exited the band recently.


The announcement was released on the band's official Facebook page via video which shows Williams talking about his favorite AC/DC memories of the past four decades. The news comes as quite a shock to fans who recently had to become accustmed to Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose taking over lead vcals after Brian Johnson was forced to take a medical leave due to suffering severe hearing loss.

Cliff revealed that playing with AC/DC has been what he has known for the past 40-years.


He claims that losing Brian, Phil, and Malcolm has been a game changer for the band stating that he feels in his gut leaving now is the right thing for him to do at this time. The current tour will wrap up later this year in the United States, leaving AC/DC's future unknown for the remaing group members, Angus, Stevie, and Chris.

What will AC/DC members decide about the band?

A major decision will have to be made later this year as to what the future will hold for AC/DC, the guys, unfortunately, are all showing road wear and the normal aging process is starting to take its toll, which makes touring and recording harder and harder on them.

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Sadly, it may just be time for the band to hang up their instruments and settle into a lesser rock and roll style of life.

If it comes to that fans will be at a loss without them, but we still have 40-years of killer music and memories to share with future music-loving generations on down the line. Sad to see you go Cliff, but we hope you enjoy your retirement and know we will always hold you and all the members in our fondest memories.

What are your thoughts? Will they carry on, or will this be the end for them?

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