Pink Floyd will release The Early Years Box Set: 1965-1972, featuring CDs, Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and 7” singles, on November 11.

According to the band’s official website, the set will sell for about $700in the U.S., butmost of the material will be made available in smaller, individual volumesnext year. A 2 CD sampler,Cre/ation- The Early Years 1967-1972,will also be released this autumn.

The Early Years Box Set: 1965-1972is the latest in a line of classic rock artists (Bob Dylan, The Beatles)trying to maintain control of their copyrights in Europe, where an antiquated law places any material over 50 years old in the public domain.

Much of the material included here is either rare or previously unreleased. At the end of last year, Pink Floyd released an extremely limited double 45 of tracksfrom 1965, to get the material into the market just under the wire.

Of course, the members of the band during this time - Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and David Gilmour - as well as the estates of Syd Barrett and Rick Wright, should profit handsomely from this massive and lavish release.

27 discs

While it is being touted as a 27 disc set, and there is a considerable amount of desirable content for fans to enjoy, including unreleased songs, BBC sessions, quadrophonic mixes, extensive video content, and the like, what it boils down to is that there will be 10 CDs and 8 Blu-ray discs, with the Blu-rays, replicated on 9 DVD discs.

According to Pink Floyd's website, also included will be "more than 100 photographs of Pink Floyd, the majority of which are previously unseen, as well as more than 40 items of memorabilia in special wallets."There will also be replicas of five early 7” singles.

The discs will be housed in seven individual book-style volumes, from 1965-1967 Cambridge St/ation, through to 1972 Obfusc/ation, withan exclusive volume that will not be released for individual sale, Bonus Continu/ation, featuring material from 1967 to 1972, just before Pink Floyd’s commercial breakthrough with their 1973 classic,

Dark Side of the Moon.

Bonus Continuation includes early Barrett-era BBC sessions and an alternative video of “Arnold Layne” from March 1967.

It also features the films The Committee, Live at Pompeii, More and La Vallee (Obscured By Clouds), among other rare material.

Pink Floyd’s The Early Years Box Set: 1965-1972 promises to be an upgrade of all previously unreleased material shared among collectors.

For years, fans traded a multi-disc collection titled Have You Got It Yet?

, named after one of Barrett’s last compositions with the band, not included here. Have You Got It Yet? was originally shared on the CDV format, and later upgraded to DVD a few years back.


Among the other rarities included in Pink Floyd’s The Early Years Box Set: 1965-1972 are six recordings from 1965, the legendary 1967 Barrett-era tracks “Vegetable Man,” “Scream Thy Last Scream,” and “In the Beechwoods” (all remixed in 2010), a partially restored, long lost video of “See Emily Play” from Top of the Pops, a 1967 audience recording of Pink Floyd live in Stockholm, outtakes from the More and Zabriskie Point soundtracks, and a live recording of “Intersteller Overdrive” with Frank Zappa,

It is unclear what will be released next from Pink Floyd’s vaults, although they now have some breathing room before having to anthologize Dark Side of the Moon, which, like the rest of their 1970s output, deserves a box set of its own.

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