YouTube performerCalum McSwiggan has been charged with making a false police report, according to sources, and could face nearly a year in jail if found guilty.

WhatMcSwiggan and Police are saying

McSwigganhad initially shared a story on Instagram and Facebook, in addition to a photo of himself bandaged in a hospital bed, claiming to have been the victim of assault after three men supposedly beat him up at the Abbey nightclub, a gay club in California.

He had claim the incident left him with broken teeth and six stitches. In addition, he also wrote that authorities were to blame for not being there to protect him and that they had treated him like a “second-class citizen,” as a member of the LGBTQ community. After thanking friends for their support, he later said he would explain what had happened at a later time.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, however, made a statement against the validity of the account, writing that there had even been evidence of McSwiggan’s injuries being caused by self-harm.

To add to conflicting nature of the account, it had also been claimed that McSwiggan had been arrested that night for vandalizing a vehicle, and police also claimed that he did not appear to have any noticeable injuries prior to his arrest.

McSwiggan confirms the jail injuries

McSwigganturned to Facebook to develop his account further, the posting of which can be seen below. Confirming the account of the arrest, he claimed that it was an act of self-defense, as the car he vandalized belonged to one of the attackers, and he had taken a wing mirror from the car to help the police possibly track down the offender.

By his account, his attackers were men he met at the club, but he believes that the attack still may have been a hate crime.While his account of his arresting officer seemed to paint her as sympathetic towards what had happened, she reportedly had no choice but to arrest him as there was no evidence, due in part to lack of visible injuries, of him being attacked in the first place.

He also admitted that he had indeed injured himself in jail in order to be transferred to a hospital.

According to his account, he had overheard his family being required to pay a $20,000 bail for him to be released before his court case, but mistakenly believed they were being blackmailed to pay for his release, as he was unfamiliar with the concept of bail.The court case over the vehicular arrest was meant to have occurred on June 29th, and McSwigganwas reportedly advised by a lawyer not to discuss the story on social media after the verdict was determined.

However, there was no record of the case on file at the time, and it is unclear what will happen now.

McSwiggan still claims that most of his injuries, such as the broken teeth, were results of the initial attack, but admits that the forehead wound that required the six stitches was a result of what had happened in jail.

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