When we think back to our childhood, watching Movies was a theme, especially if you were a 90`s kid [VIDEO]. There are several 90's movies that come to mind that were old time greats and real old school. One of these is Point Break the iconic all time classic surfing and action packed movie where an undercover cop becomes a criminal and gets sucked into the life of a criminal.

New movie has more high action scenes.

The new movie has more risk taking, high action scenes ,more updated technology, and cooler gadgets.

And with reference to the Hot fuzz movie, still has the classic scene and moment packed into it . Old movie buffs should be familiar with the scene where Johnny Utah famously has a chance to shoot one of the thugs but because of the friendship and bond he has created with them, he can't pluck up the courage to do it. So he famously switches from pointing the gun at him and instead points it up in the air and fires shouting "Arrgghh."

Writers Opinion

Having seen the new modern age film myself, I can assure you that it is worth the watch and money and in some cases better than the classic original.

The new update gives us a better look at and influence of the FBI and how smart and intelligent the criminals would be in modern day life. They have evolved and gained more intelligence through every crime they commit.

Actors and Previous Roles.

Finally, moving on to the Actor who plays Johnny Utah in the film - Luke Bracey - he has put forth a much better job and perception of the character than in the 90's edition which was played by Keanu Reeves who many argue was such a poor actor he destroyed a lot of films.

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There are not many Keanu fans out there and if there are, they are probably few and far between.

Luke Bracey however, does a much better job and his portrayal of Johnny Utah seems to be more relaxed and on point than Keanu`s. Who can remember a decent film other than John Wick maybe? Bracey fits the role perfectly as a bad-ass adrenaline junkie who loves and lives to risk take. This is what the film notably is all about -living life on the edge and finding your breaking point!

Please watch this film if you have not yet had the time and rest assured it is much better than the original.

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