"Walking Dead" fans can look forward to a lot of changes in the upcoming season of the popular AMC series. Die-had fans are well aware that come October a huge wave of sadness will overwhelm fans as we say goodbye to at least two of our favorite members of Rick's group. It has been reported that a popular spoiler site has revealed that Glenn and Abraham will be killed off at the hands of the series latest crazed villain, Negan.

New members to make impact on Walking Dead

But, with the bad, comes the entrance of two brand new characters who will be joining Rick and the gang as regulars.

The new characters, both female, will not arrive until episode six, but are claimed to have a huge impact on the gang. The first female, Naomi is described as a grandmotherly type who has battled and survived the loss of many of her loved ones.

New love interest for Carl?

The next will be a teenage girl, close to Carl's age named Jennie, this could surely stir up some major girl drama between Enid and Jennie over Carl.Good news for Carl who may finally have a chance to dabble in a little boy/girl relationship drama.

Jennie is also described to be quite similar to Beth, personality wise, anyway.

The two new additions could be just what the doctor ordered for the group, especially Maggie, who is going to have a rough time getting over all the heartbreak and loss she has suffered. Could it be be that Naomi will fill a motherly void for Maggie? The new season of the Walking Dead is said to be setting the group up for a lot of hardship and change, more than past seasons.

In the end it will prepare the survivors for what could be the biggest tests of their inner personal strength and survival skills to date. Fans of the series are anxiously awaiting the AMC October debut of the Walking Dead season seven to finally allow for some closure and loose ends left dangling on account of last seasons cliffhanger.

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns in October only on AMC. Until then, fans will have to find something else to occupy their time.

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