"Walking Dead" fan favorite Norman Reedus, who is best known as the ruggedly handsome zombie killer Daryl Dixon on the hit AMC show sat down recently in a new interview with Conan to share a few tidbits about the upcoming season 7 of "Walking Dead."

Norman Reedus teases 'Walking Dead' fans

Reedus confirmed that AMC's head honchos are working around the clock to protect all information pertaining to the show's huge cliffhanger finale, and that they mean business. As previously reported AMC has even gone as far as to threaten legal action against spoiler sites, and trespassing show stalkers.

Dead fans are still fuming over the way the season six finale cut to black just as Negan was about to unleash a hellish and brutal death upon of the main characters from Rick's group.

Never fear, Reedus reveals that fans will not be disappointed come October, but warns it 'may be rougher than fans expected.'

"It's hardcore," stated Norman. However, it could just be Norman's way of confirming what has already reportedly been revealed. It will be hardcore because fans who are only expecting one character death with be hit with two, Glenn and Abraham. That is according to the great powers that be of one particularly popular spoiling site.

'The Walking Dead' will change drastically in season seven

The site allegedly claims that they have information that reveals that both Glenn and Abraham will die in the season seven opener and that the scene will be more than most can take. It also suggests that Season seven will take the group, or what is left of them to new places, meeting new people and facing harsher struggles that will challenge even the strongest member's fight and will to survive.

With Glenn's impending death awaiting us, fans are wondering where that will leave Maggie. At last look Maggie was in pretty bad shape herself and in threat of miscarrying her and Glenn's baby. We have already faced one motherless child being raised in the dangerous times, will the Walking Dead go back down that path?Time and spoilers will eventually tell.

What are your thoughts on Maggie's pregnancy? Will she and the baby survive or are horrible things coming their way?

The Walking Dead Season begins airing in October.

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