Victoria Beckham, now 42, is as beautiful as ever, her age defying looks and svelte figure leave her Instagram followers speechless as she reveals a sexy photo from a shoot she did as a sponsor for a sunglasses range. The photo sees Victoria positioned seductively on a bed wearing a metallic blue corset and lingerie, black stilettos, a trendy pair of blackout sunglasses and a remote control in her hand which points towards the camera. The model’s seductive expression leaves little to the imagination. The post is accompanied by the caption “Be part of an era where you are free and at peace”, a clear message which reinforces the icon’s freedom and happiness that she enjoys at the age of 42 despite juggling a busy work schedule and a large family to look after back home.

The famous Victoria Beckham is like a queen on her social networks with thousands of followers who worship the mother of four and are the first to comment on the photos she posts. The recent photo defies the usual comments by media critics which accuse Beckham of always looking moody and constantly pulling the same expression. The model adores her followers and her social networks and often shares photos of her private life with her fans. Instagram is by far her favorite media account, she regularly posts photos of herself, her family members or people she admires and has over 10 million followers on the app.

Victoria Beckham from singer to businesswoman

Before becoming the wife of famous footballer David Beckham, Victoria Adams took her first steps into the spotlight through the music industry in 1994 when she debuted worldwide as a member of British girl band called the Spice Girls.

She married the English footballer in 1999 and began her solo career in 2001 where she slowly grew more and more successful. Some would say that it took a very long time for the star to shake off being recognized as a ‘Spice Girl’ and to instead be recognized for her classy fashion line, modelling work and self-run businesses.

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