It is difficult for a show that primarily focuses its biting humor on political satire to not get carried away and avoid taking shots at the real-life circus surrounding it during election year. Veep hasnot just managed to stay clear of the obvious bait thrown out by Hilary Clinton nearly securing the democratic party nomination, but also managed to throw light on the riveting process (and many pitfalls) of democracy itself.

Staying President is just as hard

Selina Meyers, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, came up against her most daunting challenge this season, and her struggle to keep a grip on the Presidency was just a sheer delight to watch.

Her ascent to the top was so gloriously fragile, that stress pimples and Twitter threatened to knock her off her dream job, but the scrappy Selina (which could have been her real election line) managed to fight till the bitter end.

Supporting the POTUS

Veep has always been a treat to watch due to the incredible supporting cast that seems to get stronger each year. The addition of Hugh Laurie as Tom James was a masterstroke that yielded top quality dividends all season long. The ever-annoying Jonah Ryan played by Timothy Simons managed to take his irritating levels to new heights, while still managing to stay watchable and entertaining.

Strong secondary story lines such as Katherine working on her documentary and stepping out of her mother’s shadow using her sexuality gave the show the variety it needed to engage non-political viewers. The writing quality of the show has always been of the highest order, and as the characters created in this world spent more time with each other, the inside digs and potty-mouth humor just kept getting stronger with each passing episode.

HBO is used to creating quality content like The Wire and Game of Thrones, and even though Veep doesn’t fall under this bracket, it still deserves a place in a league of its own.

First female President

The season began with Selina Meyer attempting to stay in the White House and retain her role as the President of America, but ended with a frantic bid to uphold her legacy. A female President was elected, perhaps foreshadowing the events that are to unfold in 2017.

The real star this season though, was the democratic process itself that managed to throw countless surprises and keep the momentum moving forward. It is no surprise that the system is flawed, but the show managed to showcase the real flaw in the system, which is the fact that these loopholes are so out in the open, that nearly every half-witted evil mind in the political arena has begun to take advantage of it. Everything is a tool when you are duking it out for a place in the White House, including Chinese hackers, freeing Tibet and the death of your mother. Season 5 of Veep proves that being President is an honor, but becoming President involves participating in a no-holds-barred, take no prisoners, Texas-mayhem style blood-bath.

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