Affectionately being called Swoki, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are making new headlines every day. The couple's lovefest seems to be non-stop.

This past Saturday, photographs of the 26-year-old singer and 35-year-old Thor Actor, in which he plays the evil god Loki, appeared online with the two of them holding hands while strolling on a beach in Ipswich, England. The couple were apparently in town so that Hiddleston’s mother, Diana, could meet Swift. In many of the photos, the new couple is together with the actor's mother strolling along with them, with all looking happy.

While enjoying a breezy stroll during sunset, the couple kept it casual. The Shake It Off hit maker wore an oversized black and gray patterned jacket over a fisherman sweater, blue jeans, and flat black sandals.


On the other hand, Hiddleston wore a sweatshirt in navy blue with a blue jacket and paired them with black jeans and boots. He later draped his jacket over the country-pop singer's shoulders.

Meeting at Met Gala brought Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift together

It can be noticed that the Swoki couple has a whirlwind romance, which started last month at the Met Gala in New York. The two apparently danced together a great deal at the Met party and enjoyed each other’s company. Now, they seem to want to let the world know they are a couple. Prior to the England trip Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift spent time together with Swift’s parents, Andrea and Scott, in Nashville on Thursday. They dined at a farm-to-fork restaurant with singer-songwriter Holly Williams and husband Chris Coleman. Hiddleston had co-starred with Williams in I Saw the Light.

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The pair also attended Selena Gomez's Nashville concert with Swift’s BFF Abigail together with her boyfriend and a few other friends. They were recorded by the friends on Snapchat as the two danced and cuddled. Not so long before that, the couple were outed having been photographed locking lips on a beach in Rhode Island.

Swift and Hiddleston traveled to the actor’s hometown in Ipswich, Suffolk, England (in Swift’s private plane no less!), where he showed her around town and the two spent time with Tom’s mom. He has been pointing out landmarks and favorite places. A source close to Swift has stated that Tay Tay is very happy and it is like she is living in a English romance-comedy dream.

Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston is one of the frontrunners to become the next James Bond, along with Idris Elba, Aidan Turner, and Theo James. It remains to be seen if Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift will continue to be each other’s frontrunners.