Season 2 Finale of The Flashon the CWleft audiences shocked, flabbergasted and for some, completely confused about what the heck just happened. Given the show’s ending, many comic book fans have theorized that the infamous comic book story arc Flashpoint Paradox, will be adapted by show’s writer for next season.I have a few thoughts how that may happen, and the first bit of news since the Season Finale may seem to confirm that theory.

It’s been confirmed that Tom Cavanagh will be returning for The Flash, Season 3.

Tom Cavanagh, in Season 1 played Harrison Wells, later revealed to be Eobard Thawne from the future, who killed and replaced the original Wells. Season 2 however, saw Cavanagh return as another version of Harrison Wells from a different Earth, Earth-2. However, with Flash officially resetting the timeline by going back into the past and saving his mother, we may see a totally different version of Harrison Wells altogether.

'Reverse Flash' never killed Barry's mom.

What the Season 2 Finale ending means is that Reverse-Flash never killed Barry’s mother, and so never had the opportunity to kill the original Harrison Wells to replace him. So that could easily mean that Cavanagh plays the original Harrison Wells from Earth-1.

Return to status quo.

However, I highly doubt that the entirety of Season 3 will focus on the brand new reset timeline that Barry has created.

Eventually, I believe things will return to the normal status quo, however, with tweaks in the story related to anomalies that cause certain things to change, such as the death of the original Wells.

Original Wells.

Given that Cavanagh is said to be returning as a series regular, it makes sense that whichever version of Wells he’s playing will be there so stay. It also makes sense if Cavanagh was the original Wells, as that character was briefly shown to be a more caring and kind hearted version of the character we’ve gotten thus far.

Given the death of Barry’s father, he could definitely use a more nurturing father figure right now, along with Jesse Eisenberg’s Joe West.All will be answered on Season 3 of 'The Flash' which premieres Fall, 2016 on The CW.

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