It seems that every time a star has a midlife crisis or is looking to change their public persona, they chop off their hair and sport a blonde pixie. While there are plenty of stars such as Pink and actress Michelle Williams who also don the popular hairstyle without a meltdown, there are at least three stars who have taken the shears to their hair big time to heal some internal wounds. So here is a look at the stars who turned to hair therapy to deal with life's ups and downs.

No mullet for Miley

Of all of the blonde pixies, Miley Cyrussports the most infamous one. One minute she was twenty-something, fadingHannah Montanachildstar and the next minute, she became a sexual nymph overnight.

The main factor in this change was her hair. Cyrus lobbed off her long brown locks in favor of a short blonde pixie. Sometimes she spiked it for an edgy look and other times it's soft and professional. In either case, once she cut her hair, she didn't look like Hannah Montana anymore. She became Miley you-will-see-me-as-a-grown-woman Cyrus. Childish sexual antics and blow-up dolls onstage aside, she became a different person with that haircut.

Paris life

Paris Jackson is the only living daughter of King of Pop Michael Jackson. After his death in 2009, the adorable then 14-year old suffered an existential crisis.

She was forced to cope with her father's sudden death in front of the entire world, had the added pressure of her overbearing family videotaping her and was reportedly being bullied in school. It was clear that the poor girl was going through a nightmare.

In 2013 when she was just 15-years old, Jackson attempted suicide.

The attempt came at a time when she was supposed to take the stand at her father's wrongful death trial. Instead, she was rushed to the hospital and when she emerged afterwards, she was a different person.

She started posting pictures of pentagrams, getting multiple tattoos and sheeven escorted a female friend to prom while wearing a tux despite the fact that the now 18-year old has a steady boyfriend.

The biggest change, however was her hair. Jackson chopped off her long brunette tresses in favor of a short blonde pixie. She rocks her hair a little harder than Cyrus, usually with the hair in various states of disarray, and sometimes dying it blue to match her attire. In either case, Jackson is a rocker chick more now than ever.

Belieb in the haircut

To be fair, Justin Bieberinitially got famous because of a haircut. When he entered the scene in 2009 as 15-year old that looked like a 12-year old, he had a side swept, whispy haircut that covered his brow and caused tween girls across the world to swoon.

He had a clean-cut image and a good guy sound that made mothers feel it was safe for their daughters to listen to him.

Fast forward a couple of years and the adult Bieber grew into a brat. His reputation suffered after rumors that he cheated on then girlfriend, Selena Gomez and eventually it led to their break up. The Biebs got buff, added a few tatts and dyed his hair blonde. Needless to say, Beliebers were not happy with the new Justin and it showed in his record sales. So the Biebs went on an apology tour and even did a song called Sorry.

In the end, fans welcomed him back with open arms. Unfortunately though, the blonde hair stayed.

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