Sasha has been a loose cannon on "The Walking Dead," but whether or not she can pull things together and survive season 7 is another question entirely. Since her first episode, "Made To Suffer," during season 3, Sasha has been a wild card and struggled to find her place in the group. She always lived in the shadow of her brother Tyreese, but after his death she began to come out of her shell and develop on her own. Spoiler alert: This analysis of Sasha contains spoilers from "The Walking Dead" TV show and comic book series and may talk about events yet to unfold in the zombie apocalypse, so proceed with caution.


Tough losses from the start

When Sasha's companion Donna is bit, and eventually put down by Tyreese before she turns into a walker, she faces an early source of tragedy on the show. Carl Grimes eventually accepts Tyreese and Sasha into the prison, but locks them in a cell temporarily as a precaution. Not long after coming to the prison, Sasha is part of the battle when the Governor attacks and gets more at her sanctuary than she bargains for. She sticks with the group and eventually becomes romantically involved with Bob Stookey.

Losing Bob, Tyreese and her sanity

Sasha eventually loses Bob Stookey when he is bit during a food run in a pantry after the group meets Father Gabriel Stokes. Taken prisoner after the bite, Bob dies a slow and painful death and his leg is first eaten by Gareth and the Terminus survivors before being returned to the church, where he dies. Sasha and Bob do get to spend some time together before his death and, when the time comes, Tyreese shoves a knife into Bob's skull, preventing his sister from having to do the deed herself.


When Tyreese Williams is eventually bit by Noah's brother it sends Sasha into a period of chaos and rage, driven to a place of madness from all the loss and death that constantly surrounds her.

Taking a chance with Abraham

During season 6 in an episode titled, "Always Accountable," Abraham Ford makes a play for Sahsa, having grown tired of his current relationship with Rosita. While Sasha initially is unsure of Abraham's advances, she warms around to the idea after the two attack Negan's men together in the episode "Not Tomorrow Yet." By the time the penultimate episode of the season rolled around, "East," Sasha and Abraham appeared to be solidifying their relationship in the right direction.

However, should Abraham be killed by Negan and Lucille, it could be the driving force that sends Sasha on the road to insanity and she could become one of the biggest liabilities to Rick Grimes at Alexandria.