Not many characters on "The Walking Dead" could be considered warriors, but that's exactly what Michonne has become over the last few years since her character was introduced in the second season episode, "Beside The Dying Fire." She's one of the eight characters to survive on the show since season 2, but with the impending death of a main character in the season 7 premiere, that number could drop to seven original survivors. Michonne is a possible victim of Negan at the end of season 6 and her death would strike a critical blow to Rick's morale and mental stability.

Spoiler alert: This analysis ofMichonne contains spoilers from "The Walking Dead" TV show and comic book series and may talk about events yet to unfold in the zombie apocalypse, so proceed with caution.

A tragic past and a new destiny

Michonne was a mystery for much of her time on screen until Carl Grimes began to form a close bond with her and she volunteered bits and pieces of her past life before the apocalypse. We still don't know Michonne's last name, but we do know that before the world fell apart she was a mother of a boy named Andre Anthony and unmarried to a boyfriend named Mike.

The TV adaptation differs from the comic book version of Michonne, who originally was said to have two daughters, Collette and Elodie, with an ex-husband Dominic. Her daughters may be alive or dead as they were with a nanny when the outbreak hit and their status is unknown. Michonne takes on four different romantic interests in the comic books, Mike, Tyreese Williams, Morgan Jones and "King" Ezekiel, leader of The Kingdom.

Rick, Carl and a new family at Alexandria

Now in a romantic relationship with Rick Grimes, Michonne is finally opening up to someone on the TV show in a meaningful way. Initially the thought of young children was a trigger for Michonne, who freaked out the first time she had to hold baby Judith Grimes, but the acclimation period was quick and eventually she became a valid protector of Lori's child.

The father of Judith is still up for debate, and it's possible that Lori's former lover, Shane Walsh, is actually the father. Regardless of the father, Michonne is now making a new existence for herself in Alexandria with Rick, Carl and Judith and she's performing the part of mother and girlfriend the best she can given the circumstances.

Surviving the curse of Rick

Both of Rick's love interests have died on the TV show so far. His wife Lori Grimes died in childbirth when Maggie Greene performed a c-section to deliver Judith and had to be put down before reanimation by Carl Grimes. Jessie Anderson, Rick's girlfriend for a brief moment in Alexandria, was devoured by walkers when the town was overrun by zombies.

Michonne has the edge over Lori and Jessie in the fact that neither of them were true fighters or warriors in the apocalypse. However Michonne is now a candidate for Negan to kill in the season 7 premiere and her death would devastate Rick. If Negan really wanted to demoralize Rick he could take away the member of his group that right now means the most to him besides blood family. If Michonne survives the wrath of Lucille she could be the one who helps guide Rick's leadership and diplomacy skills in the next season.

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