Long live the Queen, a tune we heard over and over again while watching the ceremony to celebrate her 90th birthday. Her husband, The Duke of Edinborough, was also celebrating a milestone. Phillip turned 95 on the first day of the celebrations. Phillip tends to stand behind the Queen at all times and yet we see the tremendous support he gives to her. While riding in carriages or seated together, she is always chatting with him and often he only gives his nod of approval.

The Thanksgiving Church Presentation

In bright yellow, The Queen was presented with thanks by members of her commonwealth. The event took place in the historical St.

Paul's Cathedral in central London. I was in awe over the enormity of the church which can seat over 2,000 people. On this occasion, the cathedral was full.

Trooping of the Colours

Watching the colours ceremony was amazing with 1600 military personnel and 300 horses, the parade grounds filled with military bands, marching troops, and decorum to the last detail. The procession of bringing The Queen down the long stretch called the Mall was amazing. After The Queen's carriage were Charles, William, and Anne on horseback. They, too, would be inspecting the colours.

With unbelievablecoordination, timing, and movement, the military marching was so in-step and amazing, it was like watching a programmed animation pushed to exactness.

The 6-month training and practice had certainly paid off.

The final part of this ceremony was the Royal Family on the balcony (Princess Charlotte's first balcony viewing) and the fly-over of the planes which included Hercules aircraft and a presentation by the Red Arrows. What an amazing display!

The Patrons Luncheon

The Queen's eldest grandson, Peter, planned and executed an amazing luncheon for patrons on the third day of celebrations. The Queen's speech was a thanks to all and also added some humour to the mix. She was grateful for the celebrations but was not sure if she could take it until December.

A good laugh for all in attendance as the rain started to come down during eating time.

if you have a chance, look for replays of the events, well worth seeing the pomp and ceremony the Brits do extremely well.

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