Everyone is talking about the loss of weight of Kim Kardashian.The superstar is so generous, so she decided to share her secret to the world. Kim lost 70 lbsin six months. She has followed the Atkins diet and has trained hard even being pregnant and while breastfeeding her baby. Many have criticized her for that reason, but also dying to know how she is so successful at it. It must be assumed that her diet includes all the nutrients, she drinks two litres of water every day, and does exercises every day.

The details

Day 1:1500 calories. For breakfast she eats egg omelet, for lunch, grilled chicken.

In the afternoon, she prefers fruits and nuts. For dinner, zuchinni noodles and for dessert she chooses peanut butter cups.

Day 2:1560 calories. For breakfast she eats chicken sausage and cheese. An apple. For lunch, Turkey burguer, onions, and tomatoes. In the afternoon, she prefers a cereal bar. For dinner, chicken with asparagus.

Day 3:1700 calories. In the morning, she eats melon, green chiles with boiled eggs. Then she drinks a frappe coffee with vanilla. For lunch, she chooses pasta. In the afternoon, a cereal bar. For dinner, grilled chicken.

The dietary habits of Kim

Kim was obsessed with losing weight after her second pregnacy, so she took some measures in this regard. She has her own refrigerator and her own chef, who prepares her diet dishes.

The reality star eats alone, not even her children close to her when eating. Her family is forbidden to eat in front of her and cannot talk about food in her presence. She believes that the best way to follow a diet is to be completely removed from any and all temptation.

Her diet is very strict but gave her excellent results: she looks amazing.

She celebrated the success of her diet and fitness plan posing nudefor GQ magazine, as she described it as dream come true. Kim plans to continue taking care of her body because she wants to pose nude many times.

Beyond just the physical benefits in terms of image, she is no doubt an inspiration to many in that losing weight can be done (with or without a private chef).

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