With ‘Supergirl’ coming to The CW Network in Season 2, it was also announced that the iconic character of Superman would be introduced in the same season. After a few days of speculation and intense fan casting online, its finally been announced who will be stepping out of the shadows as ‘Supergirl’s Superman.

Tyler Hoechlin of ‘Teen Wolf’ fame cast as Superman in ‘Supergirl’ on The CW

The dark and brooding actor, known mostly for his role on MTV’sTeen Wolf,'has officially been cast as Superman/Clark Kent on Season 2 of ‘Supergirl’.

Hoechlin definitely looks the part with his chiseled good looks and dark hair. His non-threatening vibe is also a good fit for the kind of casting that’s to be expected from a CW show.

The casting and appearance of a Superman on the TV-verse does create some interesting possibilities. The CW currently boasts 4 different shows adapted from DC Comics’ characters. All these shows interact and are set in the same world, creating a larger DC TV Universe.

Conversely, the DC Extended Universe of movies sees a different set of connected material that is limited to the filmsalone.

It’s already been announced though that a different interpretation of the character of the Flash will appear in the movies, played by Ezra Miller, than the current ‘The Flash TV show played by Grant Gustin.

But before the Flash movie hits theatres’ the first co-existence of the same character in the movies and TV universes will happen next season when a different Superman makes an appearance on ‘Supergirl’.

The makers of this CW-verse, Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg have many times revealed that they have a set of characters they can use in the TV shows that will not be used by the movies. Their use of characters depends largely on the permission of WB + DC.

So with Supermanappearing in the TV world, it could definitely open the door for other characters, previously believed to have been too big for TV, to appear as well.

Maybe we could see a Batman appear on ‘Arrow’ or a Wonder Womanalso appearing in ‘Supergirl’ as a one-off appearance.

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