It would be easy to say that "The Big Bang Theory" is the story of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, portrayed by Jim Parsons, but that would really sell the show short of the value the rest of the cast adds to the series. That's not to say Sheldon isn't the core of the group that often spurs the comedic drama and reactionary plots devices that make the show so humorous. At the end of season 9 Sheldon has cemented his genius character's ability to show real growth, especially when it comes to his relationship with Dr.

Amy Farrah Fowler. In season 10 Sheldon will have to deal with the fallout of a potential relationship developing between his mother and Leonard's father.

The quirky genius

Many of the basic elements about Sheldon haven't changed course over the last 9 seasons, including his love for science and nerd-related activities. He still loves "Star Wars," Dungeons & Dragons, "Star Trek," video games and comic books, despite growing older, and that doesn't seem like it will ever change anytime soon. Many recurring characters on the show, including Wil Wheaton and Barry Kripke, have simply given into the quirkiness of Sheldon's personality and adapted their lives to accept his unorthodox way of perceiving reality.

Milestones and character growth

We learned a few things about Sheldon during season 9 that displayed new sides to his personality, including the fact that he has saved everything he's owned in his life and keeps it all in an orderly and well maintained storage unit. Only Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler knows that it exists and she seemed a bit shocked at the site, but didn't chastise her boyfriend for his odd behavior.

We also learned in season 9 that Sheldon is capable of a sexual relationship after he and Amy have sex for the first time. These two major pathways in Sheldon's personality lay down the structure for even bigger personal growth in the future.

A future with Amy

Now that couples are getting married on the show, like Dr. Leonard Hofstadter and Penny, and other married couples like Howard Wolowitz and Dr.

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz are having children, it's not too far fetched to think that Sheldon and Amy could eventually get married. We already know Sheldon has a ring purchased for Amy and the thought is already planted in the minds of the writers and fans. It makes sense to eventually pair off the couple and have them live in their own house or apartment so that Leonard and Penny can eventually do the same. It's hard to imagine that Penny would want to have a baby with Leonard while still living in the same apartment as Sheldon.

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