As one of the two core cast members on "The Big Bang Theory," Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, portrayed by Johnny Galecki, is a character that everyone has grown to know and love. While he shares many of the same social interests and career characteristics as his roommate and best friend, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, he has an entirely different personality which helps to provide two distinct realities to any given comedic situation. Just like Sheldon, in season 10 Leonard will have to contain and deal with the fallout of his father potentially starting up a relationship with Sheldon's mother.

We're in for some comedic gold if the two single parents decide to join their families in matrimony.

A nerd with a big heart

An avid comic book collector, fan of "Lord Of The Rings," and a "Star Wars" aficionado, Leonard is less structured than Sheldon and has fewer rigid rules and regulations than his roommate.


Leonard has an easier time relating to people and women, often dating throughout the series and usually making a mess of things because he overthinks most romantic situations and relationships. Through the course of it all his heart always took him back to Penny, who he finally married in the season 9 premiere episode, "The Matrimonial Momentum."

The girl of his dreams

Penny has always been the focus of Leonard's relationship goals ever since he met her in the first episode of the series, "Pilot." Leonard knew right away that Penny and he were destined to be together, even though the rest of the gang, especially Howard Wolowitz, never thought it would happen for the couple. Howard has made a few plays for Penny over the years and one time it resulted in physical harm to his face when Penny punched him for trying to kiss her.

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Even Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali has a history with Penny when they both had too much to drink one night and ended up in the same bed together, causing Leonard to rethink his relationship with Raj's sister, Priya Koothrappali.

Major parental dilemma

Just like his roommate Sheldon, season 10 will test Leonard when he has to confront a newly developing relationship between his father, Alfred Hofstadter, portrayed by Judd Hirsch, and Sheldon's mother, Mary Cooper, portrayed by Laurie Metcalf. The whole situation will be made more hilarious by the fact that Leonard and Sheldon are terrified by the concept of their parents dating while Penny finds it thoroughly and wildly entertaining. Should their parents decide to take their new relationship to the next level and eventually get married, Leonard and Sheldon could find themselves not only roommates and best friends but brothers through marriage.