Taylor Swift took her new British boyfriend Tom Hiddleston to her bezzie Selena Gomez’s concert on Tuesday night. Taylor Swift only recently broke up with her famous DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris yet she is already dating someone new. She has recently been seen with British actor Tom Hiddleston, who she has known since 2014.

The ‘Shake it Off’ singer seems to have developed quite an intense relationship with the 35-year-old in quite a short space of time. Earlier this month they were seen hugging and kissing in Rhode Island and were acting like a couple in love.

On Tuesday evening the pair watched Selena perform at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena and were seen holding hands, dancing together and kissing in front of friends. Taylor has not been shy of showing off her new relationship with the actor; she posted videos on social media of Tom dancing with some of her friends to one of Selena’s songs.

Taylor Swift has only just come out of relationship with Calvin Harris

The blonde singer, though clearly very happy, is not being very considerate of her recent ex who she only broke up with 3 weeks ago.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were in a relationship for 15 months and had even spoken of marriage and kids together. The relationship seemed quite serious and the pair looked happy together, yet it has not taken Taylor long to get over him. Nevertheless Calvin Harris has claimed that there are no hard feelings between the two musicians and that “It’s all good, she’s doing her thing”.

Taylor already knew Tom and he is rumoured to have fancied the singer for a long time and flirted with her even when she was in a relationship.

A video was released of Tom and Taylor dancing together at the Met Gala back and was deemed inappropriate as they were filmed grinding with each other.

A source close to Taylor Swift has spoken of her new man saying that the two are very happy, “it feels like a schoolgirl with a powerful crush. She loves Tom’s maturity and the fact that he is older and taller than her. She feels safe and secure with him; the connection between them is very strong.”

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