Taylor Swift was pictured in Rhode Island sharing a passionate kiss on the beach with British actor Tom Hiddleston sparking rumors of a new love interest. It has only been two weeks since the 26-year-old  ‘Shake it Off’ star split from long-term boyfriend Calvin Harris and it seems it has not taken the blonde singer very long to move on to someone new. The timing of this new romance is very bad as it shows insensitivity on Taylor’s behalf who has apparently left Calvin feeling hurt and disappointed.

The famous Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has apparently commented saying that he had been suspicious of the two back in May when Taylor (26) met Tom (35) at the Met Gala and the two were seen to be very flirty with each other.

Calvin feels disrespected and is surprised that Taylor could forget about their relationship and move on so quickly, just two weeks after their split. The couple had had a rather serious relationship as they dated for 15 months and have since tried to erase traces of each other. Calvin Harris reportedly unfollowed Taylor Swift on Twitter and the two have deleted couples photos from their media accounts.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston moving fast

Tom Hiddleston is said to have had his eye on Taylor for a long time and has been trying to win her over by buying her flowers and attending events that she would be at. It seems he succeeded as the couple were photographed looking very much in love in Rhode Island, the two stars did not hold back from showing public displays of affection, they were taking selfies, embracing and kissing.

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Rumors of chemistry between Taylor and Tom Hiddleston first emerged when the two were videoed doing a dance-off at the Met Gala back in May of this year, the video shows them flirting with each other and their dancing shows clear signs of attraction.

Taylor moving on so quickly comes as quite sad news to her fans as the public were generally rooting for her relationship with the Scottish DJ, the couple looked so happy and it was one of the first times that we saw Taylor in a serious relationship. They couple had spoken of children and marriage and there seemed to be high hopes for the couple’s future, however this all came crashing down about two weeks ago when they officially announced their split.