With Season 2 of 'Supergirl' now moving to The CW network from CBS, looks like more big things are happening due to the move. The show now joins the existing 'CW-verse' of shows that include 'Arrow', 'The Flash', and 'Legends Of Tomorrow.'

Superman will make appearance in Season 2 of 'Supergirl'

The show, about Superman's cousin Karafinding her powers and coming into her own in a world already populated by Superman, hada unique and nuanced take in Season 1. The show featured many conceptsthat have prior been untouched by superhero shows.

Themes dealing with depictions of women on TV, women in power, and playing with the common procedural formulas, 'Supergirl' has been a great success.

One of the more concerning elements of the show however,has been the involvement of Superman. Initially, I thought the show would struggle to come up with reasons as to why Superman doesn't just always save his cousin, making every threat Supergirl faces, unnecessary. In the first half of the season, Superman's absence from the life of his only relative, made him come off in a very bad light.

So far though, 'Supergirl' has provided reasons, some very unsatisfactory, to explain Superman's non-involvement, but hasn't shied away from using him when needed, if only in shadow, silhouette, or as a distant blur.But now, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Keisberg, creators of all the DC Comics' CWshows, have confirmed that Superman will be making an appearance on 'Supergirl'. The character will appear in the first two episodes of Season 2.

While it's unclear whether it will be Clark or Superman that shows up on the show, it is going to be interesting to see how he's going to be used. The more cautious side of me feels this to be a moment similar to when the makers of 'Smallville'made Clark Kent flyafter being adamant over the years that they'd never do that. But 'Supergirl's writers have built up enough goodwill with me during its first season for me to not dismiss their ideas immediately.

We'll all have to wait to find out what happens when 'Supergirl' returns for Season 2 on The CW on Mondays at 8 PM EST.

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