Impeccable acting, brilliant script, realistic narration, and soothing music. The four factors mentioned above played their crucial role in determining the success of "Sairat" in Indian theaters.

This Marathi flick was released on April 29, 2016, and in a span of 60 days, the film successfully collected Rs 109 Cr as gross.

This feature directed by Nagaraj Manjul received positive responses from the audience from the very first day. He portrayed a beautiful love story, and it succeeded in touching the viewers of all classes.

The lead stars, Rinki Rajgaru, and Akkash Thasur are new sensations in Maharastra, and these budding celebs have garnered more fans than any other top heroes after just one movie.


This outing from Esel Vision Production is now the most talked movie in all nooks of India.

The picture is even screening in Kochin, Chennai, and Coimbatore with subtitles, and it is happening for the first time in the history of Maharashtrian Cinema.

Multiplexes in Cochin and Madras are continuously marking an attendance of more than 60% in all shows, and this is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement for an other state cinema.

South Indian audiences have also welcomed this project warmly, and they are lauding the makers for crafting such a raw tale with poetic language.

Watch public response:

The sequences in this show are unquestionably heart touching which will impact even the hardhearted.

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With sweet songs and BGM laced beautifully, this flick can be considered as one of the finely made Indian love stories of all time.

An outlook on the collection figures:

The film grossed a mammoth Rs 25.5 Crore and 24 Crores in the first and second weeks respectively.

Steady theatrical earnings later followed it with Rs 15.2, 17 and 8.1 Cr in the 3rd, fourth, and fifth week.

The screen collections are still going slow and steady and are expected to happen in the coming weekends too.

The film is in its course to obtain the elite 150 Cr mark, and if it happens, then it will be a new history written in Golden letters by Nagaraj and crew.