A Bay Area up-and-coming recording artist isn't just a recording artist, but is also a business mogul, actor, and model. He has launched a new radio network for independent musicians called 3rd Axis Radio. Sebastian Vego tells Blasting News readers about his goals that he plans to accomplish in San Francisco after living there for five years.

Arrived in the Bay with almost nothing.

"All I can say, after living here for so long, is that the years have gone by so fast. But I take a moment, to remember, and enjoy every fast-paced second I get to breathe in life while I'm here.

I came here with almost nothing - one suitcase, few clothes, and ambition in my heart to start a new life, to take on opportunities as they come knocking on my doorstep."

Took a chance in life.

"I took a major chance coming here as there was only one person I knew vaguely. He could have been ex-murderer and killed me and chopped me into a million pieces. Nevertheless, I went with my instincts, and he became the Father that I never had before. A part of my lifeis now filled with what I lost. But I'm not done yet, as I still have much more time ahead before I stand at the finish line of what we call life. I grew up in the hood, went on to not having a roof over my head, and then got to live in a house in a suburban neighborhood.

For me, it was day versus night."

Young man's challenges.

"There were a lot of ups and downs andchallenges, that entered my life but coming to San Francisco, turned out to be a silver lining for me. I still remember growing up, seeing my first dead body lying on the sidewalk. It sounds like something out of a movie, likeBoys In The Hood, but this was real life, I later learned to just get used to it.

I grew up next door to a "trap house" (a house where drug deals and murders take place.) I still remember hearing the screams of people that owed those people money; that's kind of where I learned to always pay my debts. I don't glorify violence and I don't glorify gang banging, drug dealing, or any of the bad stuff as good memories from my childhood.

These are not something to brag or smile about. This was in my past, and I no longer live there. I am, who I am, today."

Starting his own business.

Sebastian is now starting his own business called3rd Axiswhich isa media production, fashion brand, and management agency for talent of all categories. From this company he records a weekly radio program that airs on affiliate college stations across the country. You canListen To Episodes of 3rd Axis Radiouploaded every week on Sebastian Vego's Mixcloud Account through a simple Google search.

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