Paris Hilton the famous hotel heiress, once made men all of the world go crazy over a leaked explicit video of the celeb on 15th June 2004. The blonde billionaire is now in Milan- Italy, in order to advertise a new Philipp Plein collection. Her presence has aroused the fashion capital of the north and many admirers long to take a stream of selfies with the young beauty who is one of the most envied women in the world. The star’s reputation was badly damaged when the X-rated video was released but it has in no way affected her opportunities, such as the current one she is attending in Milan. The blonde bombshell will be a VIP at the Just Cavalli Hollywood nightclub this coming Saturday 18th June which will no doubt be a night to remember.

The billionaire attracts attention wherever she goes, sometimes negative sometimes positive, nevertheless she very often becomes the main subject of conversation in the locations she visits and becomes center of attention.

Paris Hilton wows in fabulous black outfit

Paris Hilton has no limits and can switch from event to event just by batting her eyelids; she can go from charity event to exclusive member-only party with just the mention of her name. Several VIPs in Milan have already insisted that they would not pass an opportunity to meet Paris. Lots of people are curious to see her work and above all, are certain that the American babe will make it a night to remember. At Phillip Plein in Milan she was dressed in a black bodysuit with a statement necklace and no bra.

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Shots of the star were immediately posted on Instagram by bloggers; the posts were liked straight away by thousands of her followers. Paris is constantly gaining views, likes and comments on her posts and is never short of attention.

Paris Hilton in the famous video with ex Rick Salomon

The rich celeb’s Italian fans can admire her in the flesh but there was a time when they had no such opportunity. An example of this was back in the time of the release of the explicit video that shows Paris partaking in X-rated activities with Rick Salomon who was her boyfriend at the time. It was Salomon who released the video and made millions from it, one person who has even admitted to watching the video is Presidential candidate Donald Trump who admits to having watched it with his wife. The video, some would argue, is what put Paris’ name on the map and from then on the famous Hilton daughter has enjoyed a very varied career including singing, modelling and acting. Paris Hilton has everything she wants and more and fans are already lining up in Milan to see and admire her.