Oscar Pistorius took off his prosthetic legs and walked around the courtroom on Wednesday’s court hearing as part of his defense, an idea suggested by Oscar’s lawyer. His lawyer described Pistorius as a “broken man” whom he believed should not be sent back to jail. Pistorius has already spent 12 months in jail for manslaughter and his lawyer has now taken a different approach to try to prevent him from having to return to his cell. His lawyer insists that the athlete pays for what happened regardless of whether he is in court or not. Barry Roux SC, Oscar Pistorius’ defense attorney says that he is not implying that the accused is not punished at all but just that they should seek another way for him to carry out his sentence as jail is a real struggle for a person with a disability.

Oscar Pistorius back in court after serving just 12 months for the murder of his girlfriend

The lawyer’s argument was that the Paralympic gold medalist has already paid “physically, emotionally, financially and socially” for committing the murder of his model girlfriend on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Pistorius sticks by his version of events that he thought there was an intruder in his home and that he did not mean to shoot his girlfriend. The 29-year-old’s actions left the courtroom in shock, they were not expecting Pistorius to remove his prosthetic legs and were surprised to see the athlete cross the room on his stumps. The murderer struggled to walk and hobbled with an ashamed and pitiful look on his face. It was quite obvious that the sportsman did not feel comfortable showing his legs without his prosthetics but he and his lawyer felt that is was something that they needed to show so that the court could gain a clearer understanding of how the events of the night of the 14th Feb 2013 unfolded.

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Reeva Steenkamp’s family have said “All we ever wanted is the truth” and say that they struggle to cope since her murder; they firmly believe that Pistorius intended to kill the model and insist that he has changed his story multiple times.