One Direction singer, Louis Tomlinson wants to spend some more quality time with his 5-month old son, Freddie Reign. Last night TMZ broke the news that Tomlinson filed for joint custody of his son from LA-based stylist and brief ‘former flame’, Briana Jungwirth. Several other media outlets were quick to join in on the reporting.

Time with his son inconsistent lately.

TMZ reported that a source familiar with the situation told them that Tomlinson’s time with his son has been “inconsistent” in recent weeks and that the singer will be seeking joint physical and legal custody as well as 50/50 time split in terms of time to spend with the little guy.

It has also been reported that Tomlinson currently pays Jungwirth $15,000 a month in child support, as well as foots the bill for a million dollar home in Calabasas in which Briana lives with little Freddie. A judge will now be deciding an ‘appropriate’ amount for Tomlinson to pay to Jungwirth each month.

What do the fans think?

The fan’s take on the entire scenario which they have dubbed “Babygate” varies drastically. Several fans didn’t believe that Jungwirth was actually pregnant. After little Freddie was ‘born’, fans took to thinking that they were using a doll.

Now, the popular theory is that Louis isn’t actually the father, and most (if not all) pictures Louis posts of himself and the little lad are photoshopped. You should check out the analysis some fans have done, it’s quite interesting.

Concern for Louis' happiness.

Then there’s the concern for Louis’ happiness. Obviously, fans don’t know how he’s really feeling, but from the paparazzi pictures that are always snapped whenever Jungwirth “hands off” Freddie to his father, Louis never looks too pleased.

There’s always the chance that fans are just reading too much into this. Currently, fans are thinking that with a custody battle will come a paternity test and that the paternity test will reveal that Tomlinson is in fact not the father.

Sound like an episode of Jerry Springer.

It all sounds a bit like an episode of Jerry Springer or Maury. Several fans also fear that Briana is using poor little Freddie and Louis in order to gain recognition and acquire money (not that she needs it with the $15,000 a month Tomlinson is reportedly paying).

Louis’ mother, Jay, has also taken down all pictures of the baby from her Instagram account and hasn’t uttered a peep about him in a few months. Fans in favor of “ending Babygate” have taken this as an encouraging sign. Naturally, there are fans who think he is baby Freddie’s dad, and other fans who just don’t seem to care either way anymore. Regardless of what fans believe, the drama surrounding Freddie Reign is astounding.

Tomlinson and Fatherhood

On Father’s Day, the One Direction star took to his Instagram and posted a picture of him holding little Freddie’s hand with the caption, "Happy Father's Day to every lucky lad out there who's someone's daddy!

Thoroughly enjoyed my first. Love you Freddie son X."

Tomlinson has also been fairly open about his situation in interviews. Recently, he revealed that fatherhood has changed him for the better and that it’s hard to be away from him. No wonder he’s filing for joint custody.

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