Nick Jonas recently shared a very entertaining embarrassing story in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the hit talk show.  Last night 23-year-old American singer explained to Jimmy Fallon about the night that he had a NARB (A Non Apparent Reason Boner) after which Jimmy Fallon displayed a picture of the star in said situation trying his best to cover his private parts. Some viewers and fans might remember the night Jonas is referring to which was at the Young Hollywood Awards back in 2014 which he presented at. The singer experienced the NARB after eating a “Weed Lollipop”, a poorly timed experiment which left the Jealous singer having to spend the evening covering his private parts.

Funnily enough when you look back at pictures from the Awards event you can actually notice that Jonas seemed to stand in the exact same position for the entire night…now we know why and oh we have no sympathy, pure entertainment value!

Nick Jonas regretted having the weed lollipop

The young singer went on to admit “I’ve never told this story, for good reason probably”, he had eaten the lollipop which he was given to celebrate releasing some new hits. Jonas was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon show last night 14th June to promote his most recent album Last Year Was Complicated. Luckily it seemed that Jonas was able to laugh about the event and recall the event in a very entertaining way, hilariously ashamed but in a way that is he able to laugh at now. The singer describes the accepting the weed lollipop saying “I was like’ ‘Yeah sure, why not?”, something which the singer clearly later regretted after spending a very uncomfortable evening waiting for the effects of the lollipop to wear off.

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As Nick recounts the story Jimmy Fallon cannot help but crease into uncontrollable laughter and shows little sympathy for the star’s embarrassing misfortune. Jonas was no doubt horrified for several days, he has said that he came off the stage and worriedly asked his manager “Do you think anybody knew?” It is fair to say that Nick Jonas has become a lot manlier over the past few years and has gained a lot of sex appeal, very different to the time when we knew him as the innocent singer who wore a purity-ring.