It is rapidly approaching the 7th anniversary of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson's death. Music fans around the world remember that shocking day in 2009 that the world lost Jackson. Since Michael's death news stories continue to mount revealing what reports claim as this secret or that shocking fact that has come to light since Jackson's death.

Michael Jackson hated Prince

The oddest of the Jackson news stories of late center around another pop star that died recently, Prince. It has been reported that Michael and Prince were great enemies, in fact they hated each other.

Strangely enough the coincidences surrounding their deaths are oddly similar. Both huge historic entertainers, both died too soon at the hands of drugs.

Reports that Jackson even kind of predicted Prince's death. How bizarre is that? Tapes that were obtained from Michael Jackson's 1988 biography 'Moonwalker' reveal Michael's thoughts on Prince.Michael stated that Prince considered him as his opponent and that he said he hoped Prince changed his views on that or he was 'going to get hurt.' He even went as far as claiming Prince seemed like someone who may or could commit suicide or something.

How well did Michael Jackson really know Prince? Well enough to know that he did not care for him.

Michael and Prince

Crazy enough both singers had a lot in common in life and death. Prince recently died on April 21, 2016 of an Opioid overdose, and Jackson died on June 25, 2009 of a Propofol overdose. Both singers died unexpectedly in their homes. Both are great loses to the entertainment world.MJ's feud with Prince is not the only new reports coming forth close to his death anniversary.

Other reports reveal that stacks upon stacks of vile and disgusting porn of all types had been found at Michael Jackson's estate, including graphic material that involves children.

This must be incredibly hard for the Jackson family to deal with. It is sad that even in death for some there seems to be no peace. What are your thoughts on MJ's feelings towards Prince?

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