The Marati cinema "Sairat" has been the hottest talking topics for the past couple of months. The movie made with a small budget has successfully earned more than Rs 102 crores at the international box-office, and this is undoubtedly a huge figure which a Maharashtra film can achieve.

The 15-year-old Rinku Rajaguru has done the character of lady lead in the flick, and she has romanced Aakash Thusar, aged 23.

The young girl who gained nationwide following through her performance attended her school, 'Akluj' along with her other friends who are studying in the tenth standard.

On June 12, 2016, she reached her school for the felicitation event. But due to heavy rush of her fans, she returned to her residence without attending the ceremony.

The actress also failed to reach the academy on the first day due to the complicated schedules.


On the initial day of this Academic year, classmates of Rinku had planned a grand welcome function, but all their efforts went in vain, as she did not turn up to the classes.

Earlier, she had scored more than 80% marks in her ninth standard examinations. She aims to make it big this year, and recently, she revealed that equal importance will be given to both acting and studies.

Rinku was staying away from education from April, as the film hit the Bull's eye in theaters, and she was compelled to attend many promotional events and TV shows. People are lauding the young beauty for her impeccable portrayal of "Archi".

Recently, some of her close aides in the class told that she has become inaccessible after her film debut.

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Nagaraj Manjuli has directed "Saairat", and he showcased the story of a low caste guy who falls in love with a wealthy girl. When their romantic affair becomes a talking topic in the village, both of them flee to another town.

The onscreen chemistry between the lead stars played a crucial part in determining the popularity of the movie among the audience. They are now the hottest sensations in the state and are facing huge privacy issues.