Recently Christina Aguilera dyed her hair red and the internet went insane over seeing the eternally blonde bombshell don a new hue. Many people forget that Aguilera has changed her hair color many times before and she just happens to be one of those lucky people who looks great no matter what shade she decides to wear. In honor of her new luscious red locks, here's a look at Christina's most popular hair colors.

Genie In A Bottle

Genie In A Bottle was when the world first discovered Aguilera. The then 19-year old dazzled everybody with the catchy song even though it didn't display her powerhouse voice. Her look at the time was sweet and her straight blonde, shoulder length locks matched the song and her personalityto a tee.

Stripped down and dyed out

Like all Disney pop stars, Aguilera soon ditched her good girl image for a darker and sexier persona.

In the video for Dirrty, Aguilera wore a bra, chaps, underwear and nothing else. The track was off of her album Stripped and she went on tour with fellow Disney singer Justin Timberlake to promote it. She dyed her hair jet black to solidify that she was a grown woman now and while black isn't the best color on Aguilera, it's not the worst either.

Back to basics

If Stripped was an album of rebellion, Back To Basics was an album of maturity.

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It featured songs that hearkened back to 1920's jazz clubs hits and 1950's wartime music.Aguilera'sCandyman song even paid tribute to the Andrews Sisters, the famous "boogie woogie" trio of the 1950's. In the video, Aguilera is a triple threat as a blonde, brunette and a redhead. As usual, she looks fantastic in all threeshades.

The Voice

There might not be a show that was more aptly named. Aguilera has voice that is unrivaled, which is why her fans love her so much.

On the The Voice, Aguilera is a coach to up and coming singers hoping for their big break. She recently became the first female coach to win the competition when her protege Alisan Porter took home the top spot this year. Shortly after her victory, Aguilera dyed her locks red and drew comparisons to Jessica Rabbit. In any case, the 36-year old looks great!

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