Lily Allen has received a swarm of abuse on Twitter as she tweeted saying “I’m now quite excited about Brexit and shift on political climate”. The ‘Smile’ singer was originally backing the Remain campaign, she tweeted before the referendum saying “Get out and vote tomorrow, it’s so important. I’m voting IN.”


Lily Allen changes side from Remain to Leave

However, the 31-year-old singer now seems to have changed her tune and backs Brexit and is eager to see what is to come, she revealed one of the reasons she voted Remain was because of the Scaremongering tactics.

The singer has been tweeted by angry fans who disagree with her opinion and are furious that she has changed her mind, Allen tweeted replying “I’m not saying I wouldn’t be happy if we’d remained, not at all. But if in time it helps to narrow the gap between rich and poor, that can be no bad thing.” She then went on to Tweet saying that the majority of the UK chose Leave and therefore she trusts them, “The people have spoken, some for good reason. I stand by them.”


Lily Allen tweets attack on David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

Lily Allen does not hold back from expressing her honest opinion, she has always been one to speak her mind and she is not afraid of being blunt and swearing when doing so.


When the results were first announced on Friday morning the singer was angry at the result and tweeted calling David Cameron “a great big oaf”. Lily supports the Labour party but has seen how the party is now falling apart, “We’re really, really f*****. How’s that stronger economy and NHS looking?” the star tweeted.


Lily Allen carried on sharing her blunt opinion, she has shown that she in no way supports Boris Johnson or wants him to become Prime Minister, “One thing is for sure though Boris will not be negotiating with the working classses’ interests in mind. We must #STOPBORIS”. She then again tweeted more political tweets accusing the government of not being strong enough to deal with the outcome, she urged the Government to trigger Article 50, “Who is gonna trigger it? They’re all too spineless.”