Kylie Jenner posted a sexy photo on Instagram that shows off her curves and hot body. The reality star can be seen standing in front of the mirror taking a picture of herself in high-waist bikini bottoms and tight bikini top. The photo was shared with her 63.8 million followers who have nothing but praise for the 18-year-old Reality TV star.

The socialite who refers to herself as ‘King Kylie’ seems to take a lot of inspiration from her elder sister Kim Kardashian who she looks up to and takes advice from in terms of fashion, makeup and general style. In the photo Kylie is wearing quite an old fashioned bikini, it is quite 80s style and is rather minimalistic; however it is safe to say that any of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters can set trends in pretty much anything they wear.

In the shot Kylie has her hair in cornrows which are very tight to her scalp and go to the back of her neck, a trend set by the Kardashians/Jenners.

Kylie Jenner has to take hundreds of selfies just to find the right one

Of the famous family, Kylie has become one of the most socially followed sisters, she is very close to Kendall, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney and supports of all her sisters in what they do. You could argue that the recent Instagram post of the young reality star is border-line nude as the bikini does not cover much and reveals a lot of detail. Kylie is no doubt posting swimwear photos as she and her sister have designed a swimsuit collection.

Kylie is no stranger to revealing photos as she always puts photos of herself showing off her body on her Instagram, though she once admitted to having to take over 500 selfies to get just one that she likes.

She has also claimed “Sometimes I regret putting one up if I find a better one later. I’m like damn, that’s a better photo, but that’s the only thing I regret.”

Kylie Jenner dating PND

Not long ago Kylie was dating rapper Tyga who is 26-years-old, but the couple split a few months back and there are now rumours that she is dating 22-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter PartyNextDoor (otherwise referred to as PND).

The brunette apparently split from rapper Tyga as he constantly lied to her and she found out that he had been speaking to other girls behind her back.

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