Kylie Jenner is only 18-years-old but she owns her own home, a $4 million mansion in LA, to be precise. The young reality star has been hassled on numerous occasions by a crazy stalker who believes that the two are soul mates. Kylie is all over social media, is on the front cover of magazines and on the TV, yet it seems some people will stop at nothing to try to see more of her.

Kylie Jenner’s crazy stalker lies about having an appointment to see her

This week the unknown stalker allegedly rammed his car in to the gates of her mansion after being denied entry. Every morning Kylie hands a list of visitors to her security guards and so the man was not let in because his name was not on the list.

He apparently tried to get in by claiming he had an appointment with the 18-year-old, however was turned away by Kylie’s security. Once the guards moved away from the gates the man climbed back in to the car, put it in gear and purposely rammed his car forward to try to drive it through the gate. Failing to do so, he reversed and speedily drove away. The police still managed to catch the man and he was arrested by the police and has been charged with vandalism.

Kylie’s mansion is located in ‘The Oaks’ which is the name of the rich district where there are green areas, trees, woods and ponds. The residential area is a very A-Star celeb worthy place, a peaceful haven even, however it seems it is not protected enough as the stalker is still managing to harass Kylie.

The house that was vandalised is currently in the process of being sold and is located in the same neighbourhood as her brother Rob and elder sister Khloe Kardashian. Kylie’s mansion is on huge grounds and has its own swimming pool. IT is no surprise that the young homeowner requires such strict security and numerous body guards, as clearly they are very much needed!

The ‘stalker’ has in the past followed Kylie down the street when she is accompanied by body guards, has shouted out her name whenever he has been to one of her events and has now twice attempted to force his way in to her home.

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